Friday, January 24, 2014

Too busy to blog

I try to get at least one blog post a week, but life has taken a turn for hectic.

Work as always is busy this time of the year, but I had a silly accident in Wednesday evening. I left the handbrake off my car, and it slowly started to roll down the street, I chased it ( as you do), door was locked so I got behind it and tried to stop it rolling, it was heading towards a tree.

Upside, didn't hit the tree, didn't dent the car.

Downside, I pulled a muscle in my leg and ended up at the hospital. At first they thought it was a snapped tendon or Achilles, but after X-rays and ultra sound this was all ruled out. I now have a very swollen leg turning a pretty shade of purple.

On the sewing front I have received four custom quilt orders in one week on my etsy shop.

First is a baby quilt, and the lady is posting me the fabric to created her something so I can't start on that until the parcel arrives.

Second is a lady who ordered a quilt from another shop six weeks ago, only to be told today they can't do it and will refund her money, baby is due in three weeks and I am making her my owl quilt. Luckily I have made this four times and have it down pat. Owls are cut out, background fabric purchased today, so all systems go tomorrow.

Then a US lady orderd my Henrietta's whiskers quilt ( a bunny hill design) and asked me to make her Le Jardin, another bunny hill design.

I have completed Henrietta's whiskers and just need to pop the binding on.

( amazing what you can accomplish when you don't have to go to work )

the Le Jardin pattern has been ordered so I can't start that until the pattern arrives, I am quite excited about making this, it's a very pretty quilt.

So, since I have had so much sewing to do, there has not been a lot of blogging or surfing the web.

But tonight I am relaxing leg elevated and on ice, finishing the stitching on my first Bertie's year block. I need to add more snowflakes on the black border HST's and do a feather stitch around the red/ black seams, then it's done all but the quilting.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

secret squirrel sewing.

This week it seems that most of my sewing has been on projects that are a secret.

This big job is a quilt for Homespun magazine, I am not allowed to tell but here us a sneaky peek, sashing done and now it's on to the borders. I am loving this fabric range it is truly scrumptious. I don't think I should get in to trouble with posting this picture as you can't see more than he fabric range I have used.

I am also playing along with Cheryl and her Initial heart swap  now this could be for me couldn't it. You can also see that I have my mug rug for let's get stitched all drawn up ready to be stitched as well.

So, today I decided to start on a new project " for me".

 this is block one of Bertie's year, appliqué completed, just need to do the details. Bertie the bird features ever month in a different seasonal picture. As the BOM is from the USA block one is a winter scene. Each block makes a mini quilt for you to display in your home, so I may put this one up in July and follow the seasons from there. Or, I am contemplating that I may join them all together as one quilt. Time will tell. And no, it's not a ghost on the holly branch, it's a snowman, or at least it will be when I add the details :)

But before I settle into a lot of hand stitching this week I may just jump back into my sewing room to do another row in the row along quilt.  It's going to be a hot week all of the coming week in Adelaide with 41 predicted for tomorrow, so a good week to stay inside with the air conditioner on and sew.

I love the colour of these hydrangeas, they have to be one of my favorite flowers and always make me think of summer.  So what ever you are working on this week, if its hot, stay cool but if you are one of my Northern Hemisphere friends, then stay warm.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

First 2014 finish

Always great to start the year with a bang...

This finish is an adaption of a BOM quilt that I started at the beginning of 2011. When I was doing the appliqué I realised when I was adding I the scrolls (as I did them all at the end) I had positioned one of the squares off centre. I had no more of the black, and not enough fabric to make another block, so what does a girl do.

Put it in a box and sit on it for a couple if years, that's what.

Then a light came on, I don't have to make a 9 block quilt. So I have decided on this 3 block wall hanging, will make a 4 block Lap rug and two, one block cushions. I think that the offending off centre block will be much less noticeable as a cushion
So here is part 1.
The wall hanging.

I may re hang this not so close to the window, I was covering a scratch on the wall made by a chair, but now I look at the photo, It is too close to the window.

So, yes, I spent a great deal of the weekend finishing this, but we also got to babysit over night our three oldest grandsons.

Mitchell, who was having his first ever night away from home. And Leo and Jack, that are quite seasoned at staying at nana Sues house.
Lots of fun activities were arranged, starting with painting. Look at them all hard at work

Even Ziva had a go before daddy took her home, as this sleep over was for big boys only :)
Mmm, yellow paint taste good?

Note; not sure what has happened, but comments from my previous post have linked to this one.

Fabric festival

What a brilliant day. My favourite patchwork shop, Hetties patch is having a sale. 50% off a huge range of selected fabrics! and if you buy the end of the bolt it's $10 per metre. Look at my stash.

The pink one is cabbage roses, and this will back my swoon quilt. I bought the end of the bolt 5.7 metres there.

The rosebud one is 4.5 metres, no plans for it yet, but a pretty backing stash.

I loved the toile, end of the bolt on the black 3. 5 metres. How pretty is this. I am going to back the Michelle Hill quilt with this.

And I loved the lilac toile, but stopped myself and only bought a metre, can you see the cute bunnies. I have bought this before and used it in a nursery quilt. So that will just be tucked away.

I also grabbed this cute nursery panel, for some secret squirrel sewing. Not allowed to tell you ( yet). This was half price.


.... Drum roll..... When I got home look what was in the mail. My fat quarter stack that I ordered to make the new Gail Pan Christmas quilt in.

And, yes there is more.

My aurofil threads also arrived, so now I can see what all the fuss is about


The range i chose was eye candy, as I tend to use, soft shabby chic colours in most of my sewing. I am going to use them to quilt my swoon quilt with. These were 40% off at the fat quarter shop, so even with postage a bargain.

The happy colours was a donation from the very generous Fq shop that my bloggy friend Sue Preece won. I will be catching up with her soon to deliver her prize in person.

Now I have all of this backing fabric, and lovely new quilting thread I have no excuse to get some of those UFO' s done.

Better go, I have some serious sewing to do.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Its 2014

Here is what the start of the New Year brings to my mind.

 - A fresh new page in a school book ( I used to love the first day of school to start all of the new books).

 - A set of freshly laundered sheets on the bed ( one of my favourite things).

- The anticipation of new quilts to make

I have the whole day to myself today, and plan to spend the bulk of it in the Lady cave - or my sewing room to be more accurate.  DH is already watching a football replay on TV - why do men do that, he knows the outcome?   But then I guess the men folk think its weird that we take perfectly good pieces of fabric, cut them up and sew them together again.

Here are the UFO's that are on my hit list for 2014.  They MUST be done this year.

in no particular order:


 Here is the pic I posted around this time last year 

And I have to confess that I did not make a single block for it in 2013.  
Crazy, its 2/3 done.  So this is on my hit list for 2014.

2/3 of the stitchery panels done. 
You would have seen that I finished the two bell panels over Christmas,
only a few small panels to go and its finished 
It is all joined together with lovely Christmas fabric. 

This is a block swap quilt from 2012, my block choice was tea cups or any block made with fabric like you find on wedgewood china tea cups.  This is going to be my 2014 QBSA challenge project.
Now the challenge here is to find where I have stored the blocks.  I have hunted high and low in my sewing room and they are not with all of my other Block swap blocks.  I will keep hunting and hope they turn up some time in 2014.

All put together, just need to quilt this one
 (I dont have a pic of it together, but it is)

This one is even already pinned ready for quilting, so its on the hit list. 

All put together, also just need to quilt it. Here it is laid out on batting but I have decided to get it professionally quilted as its quite large and I think I will struggle on my domestic machine, 
 so just need to take it to the long arm quilters.

The other idea I had for 2014 is to save my used cotton reels and see how many I use.  I got the idea from Selvidge blog HERE.  Why dont you join along and see how many you use as well.