Monday, February 17, 2014

A new baby, a new job and a birthday

Lots of exciting news to share, firstly my daughter Sheree announced to us on Christmas Eve that her and her partner Sam are expecting their first baby in August. This will be grand baby number 8 for us, but number one for my daughter. ( I was not allowed to tell until now).

Sheree and Sam are building their first home together and they were told today this it should be complete about 2 weeks before the baby is due.

Secondly I left my job last week, after 6 years with lots of success I have decided it's time to move on having met all of my career goals with this company. Below are the awards that I have received which included the top leasing manager in 2011.

I have secured a "maternity" contract with Harris real estate, a major competitor to my last company, but first I have a month off between jobs to enjoy a well earned break. My former manager and a good friend now manages the rental department at Harris and after the maternity contract ends their will be numerous other opportunities for me to consider with them.

Last but not least today is a BIG happy first birthday to my youngest grandson Nate.

On the sewing front, I now have lots of time up my sleeve and lots of catching up to do on my projects.
Today I finished the peicing of LeJardin which is a custom order. I am settling in tonight to do the stitchery detail, then it's borders, pinning and quilting.

I have finished block one of Gail Pans, a Merry Christmas Garden, just in time as block two landed in my letterbox on Friday.

Block one of Bertie's year is also done, and block two has been sitting in my sewing room for a couple of weeks, so must get into that soon.

And I also have two months worth of blocks sitting to be sewn for my First Ladies quilt... Just as well I have time of work to catch up.


  1. Hi Sue, so much good news! Congrats. So in the US maternity leave is taken when you have a baby. It must mean something else for you. WHAT?

  2. How exciting for you Sue. So much happening at your place.

  3. So much happening Sue and it all sounds wonderful

  4. Wow! So much fabulous news for one house hold. Congrats on the new job, to your daughter and to little Nate.

  5. Congratulations on all exciting a new baby and home for your DD and Partner..
    A lovely holiday for you and then a new challenging job for you..
    A BIG Happy first BD for your wee GS..
    and lots of lovely sewing too.

  6. Exciting times at your place Sue; congratulations to all xxx

  7. Congratulations on exciting baby news. I have a new little grandson just 10 days old - my 1st grandson, but I have two little granddaughters. Le Jardin is gorgeous - you amaze me how quick you "whip" these large quilts up. Love your 1st block of Gail's new BOM. Congrats also on new job


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