Friday, January 24, 2014

Too busy to blog

I try to get at least one blog post a week, but life has taken a turn for hectic.

Work as always is busy this time of the year, but I had a silly accident in Wednesday evening. I left the handbrake off my car, and it slowly started to roll down the street, I chased it ( as you do), door was locked so I got behind it and tried to stop it rolling, it was heading towards a tree.

Upside, didn't hit the tree, didn't dent the car.

Downside, I pulled a muscle in my leg and ended up at the hospital. At first they thought it was a snapped tendon or Achilles, but after X-rays and ultra sound this was all ruled out. I now have a very swollen leg turning a pretty shade of purple.

On the sewing front I have received four custom quilt orders in one week on my etsy shop.

First is a baby quilt, and the lady is posting me the fabric to created her something so I can't start on that until the parcel arrives.

Second is a lady who ordered a quilt from another shop six weeks ago, only to be told today they can't do it and will refund her money, baby is due in three weeks and I am making her my owl quilt. Luckily I have made this four times and have it down pat. Owls are cut out, background fabric purchased today, so all systems go tomorrow.

Then a US lady orderd my Henrietta's whiskers quilt ( a bunny hill design) and asked me to make her Le Jardin, another bunny hill design.

I have completed Henrietta's whiskers and just need to pop the binding on.

( amazing what you can accomplish when you don't have to go to work )

the Le Jardin pattern has been ordered so I can't start that until the pattern arrives, I am quite excited about making this, it's a very pretty quilt.

So, since I have had so much sewing to do, there has not been a lot of blogging or surfing the web.

But tonight I am relaxing leg elevated and on ice, finishing the stitching on my first Bertie's year block. I need to add more snowflakes on the black border HST's and do a feather stitch around the red/ black seams, then it's done all but the quilting.



  1. OMG Sue, thank goodness you didn't get more serious injuries. Your very bruised swollen leg I looks very sore.... Cars can be replaced you can't be so please put on that hand brake...
    How nice getting lots of orders through. Your Estay shop.. Happy sewing.

  2. Oh my! I am thankful that you are ok.
    That looks painful. You rest that leg.
    Take care and we will pray it heals up quickly for you.
    As always your sewing/stitching is lovely :)

  3. OUCH!!! be careful and REST that leg xx

  4. OOoH noooo... you poor thing... but you did SaVe the car!
    Great orders to keep you busy while resting that leg!

  5. Hope your leg heals quickly Sue.

  6. hope you will be albe to rest well even with all that work to be done.... glad you have some nice hand stitching to do...

  7. Glad to hear you are OK although that leg looks really sore. All those quilts are going to keep you very busy and hopefully off the leg till it gets better.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  8. Ouch Sue. I love your Bertie block. Rest; keep your leg elevated as much as possible and quilt to your hearts content; see there is a positive to come out of this. Take care XX

  9. Yikes, that was lucky that you and the car were not injured more seriously. HOpe your leg improves quickly, does look painful.
    So I guess you are ambidextrous and can sew with either foot, cos you sure have achieved a lot - four orders, good for you!

  10. WOW Sue, I can imagine it could have been worse, enjoy the rest, if you can, and happy sewing with your orders. Cheers. XX.


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