Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Its 2014

Here is what the start of the New Year brings to my mind.

 - A fresh new page in a school book ( I used to love the first day of school to start all of the new books).

 - A set of freshly laundered sheets on the bed ( one of my favourite things).

- The anticipation of new quilts to make

I have the whole day to myself today, and plan to spend the bulk of it in the Lady cave - or my sewing room to be more accurate.  DH is already watching a football replay on TV - why do men do that, he knows the outcome?   But then I guess the men folk think its weird that we take perfectly good pieces of fabric, cut them up and sew them together again.

Here are the UFO's that are on my hit list for 2014.  They MUST be done this year.

in no particular order:


 Here is the pic I posted around this time last year 

And I have to confess that I did not make a single block for it in 2013.  
Crazy, its 2/3 done.  So this is on my hit list for 2014.

2/3 of the stitchery panels done. 
You would have seen that I finished the two bell panels over Christmas,
only a few small panels to go and its finished 
It is all joined together with lovely Christmas fabric. 

This is a block swap quilt from 2012, my block choice was tea cups or any block made with fabric like you find on wedgewood china tea cups.  This is going to be my 2014 QBSA challenge project.
Now the challenge here is to find where I have stored the blocks.  I have hunted high and low in my sewing room and they are not with all of my other Block swap blocks.  I will keep hunting and hope they turn up some time in 2014.

All put together, just need to quilt this one
 (I dont have a pic of it together, but it is)

This one is even already pinned ready for quilting, so its on the hit list. 

All put together, also just need to quilt it. Here it is laid out on batting but I have decided to get it professionally quilted as its quite large and I think I will struggle on my domestic machine, 
 so just need to take it to the long arm quilters.

The other idea I had for 2014 is to save my used cotton reels and see how many I use.  I got the idea from Selvidge blog HERE.  Why dont you join along and see how many you use as well.


  1. I also need to make a new UFO list for 2014. Sadly there are many that have been on the list for a few years... Do I list them again or just give up? Start a new list from more recent UFOs !!!! Not sure..
    Have fun sewing today. I am having visitors sew nor cave for a week.. Nice to have a break...

  2. I'm too scared to make a new UFO list! Best of luck with yours. Hugs

  3. Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to another year of seeing all your wonderful sewing. Good luck with your gorgeous UFO's Hugs

  4. Happy New Year !!!
    Wonderful projects, all of them.

  5. Still writing my hit/ wish list for this year, but glad to see I am not the only one with 2012 UFO's! I want to save my empty cotton reels also this year, so happy to join you!

  6. I am still in UFO denial here! Lol! Good luck with your list. Happy 2014.

  7. Well that's not too long a list, best get cracking on it! Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to work and could just sew, oh to dream!

  8. I wish you all the luck needed to complete your list Sue.
    Fingers crossed xx :)


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