Sunday, January 5, 2014

First 2014 finish

Always great to start the year with a bang...

This finish is an adaption of a BOM quilt that I started at the beginning of 2011. When I was doing the appliqué I realised when I was adding I the scrolls (as I did them all at the end) I had positioned one of the squares off centre. I had no more of the black, and not enough fabric to make another block, so what does a girl do.

Put it in a box and sit on it for a couple if years, that's what.

Then a light came on, I don't have to make a 9 block quilt. So I have decided on this 3 block wall hanging, will make a 4 block Lap rug and two, one block cushions. I think that the offending off centre block will be much less noticeable as a cushion
So here is part 1.
The wall hanging.

I may re hang this not so close to the window, I was covering a scratch on the wall made by a chair, but now I look at the photo, It is too close to the window.

So, yes, I spent a great deal of the weekend finishing this, but we also got to babysit over night our three oldest grandsons.

Mitchell, who was having his first ever night away from home. And Leo and Jack, that are quite seasoned at staying at nana Sues house.
Lots of fun activities were arranged, starting with painting. Look at them all hard at work

Even Ziva had a go before daddy took her home, as this sleep over was for big boys only :)
Mmm, yellow paint taste good?

Note; not sure what has happened, but comments from my previous post have linked to this one.


  1. Such great grabs from your Patchwork store sale...very envious here..oh and don't get me started with the eye wiping drool from the key board.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics and threads. Hugs.....

  3. great fabric buys and I love those threads
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  4. I think I hear the machine warming up as I write! Good luck and EnJoY all those wonderful fabrics. :)

  5. Nice fabrics to finish your projects....

  6. Love your stash, and thanks for the tip, I will be off to Hetties ASAP!

  7. Thanks, I am now a LOT poorer in cash, but richer in fabric!! Very happy girl, but had to sneak my packages back in the door, so wont be showing off my bargins on the blog anytime soon!

  8. Fabulous fabric choices. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

  9. Great finish Sue .....
    Bet the Big Boys had lots of fun at Nana's .

  10. Your wall hanging looks lovely Sue. Lovely photos of the grandkids.

  11. The wall hanging has turned out so beautifully Sue - well done!
    Hope Mitchell loved his first sleepover - that is such precious time, isn't it?
    Have a great 2014


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