Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trapunto tutorial

Before I try any new skill I read up on it on blogs, and watch some you tube videos. This was how I found about an easy and effective way to achieve a great trapunto result which I am going to share with you all here.

The K is for Kai pillow is the first item I have ever made using Trapunto, so I am writing this tutorial as we make my second one for my other great niece Giaane.

An easy way to do the initials is on your computer, just find a font you like 
and enlarge it and print out a BIG copy of it.

Trace this onto visolfex, but remember to have it back to front so it is the right was around when you appliqué it onto the pillow. Use a light box if you have one.

Do the same with any flowers, or birds, or butterflies, or what ever shapes you want to display on your pillow.  Cut out your shapes ready to iron onto your backing fabric.  I am making mine with a 14 inch square of white tone on tone fabric.

Before you iron on any of the designs, fold your backing fabric into quarters and lightly press to mark the centre.  Then iron on your letter or what ever centre design you are using

Then add the rest of your design. I used this opportunity to play with some shapes on my go baby.
Its a great way to use up lots of little scraps.

Sit the finished design onto a piece of wadding and pin in place. Now carefully stitch on the raw edge of all of the appliqué shapes. Do this on ALL of the applique, even the birds wings, and flower centres, you don't want them falling off.

Hint: use a slightly darker thread in your bobbin to make it easier to see the stitching lines on the back when you have to trim it.

Once this is done, flip the fabric over and trim the wadding away, very carefully as you do not want to cut through your fabric.

see how easily the stitching shows up with a taupe coloured thread in my bobbin, I used pale pink for the top stitching, as I have decided to use this colour for the free motion quilting a little later on.

Now flip it back over and pin a second piece of wadding onto the back and free motion quilt around the shapes again, this will raise your appliqué to make it stand out.

Once you have done this, fill in the white space with any free motion quilting design. Generally a more heavier quilting gives a better result, but it chose to do this one lighter than I did with the K cushion.

I added a flange style border to this pillow
G is for Giaan

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free motion fun

As many of you would know, I am practising new techniques for free motion quilting. So since I had finished the barefoot roses sampler quilt I had a good canvas for some more practice, this time I decided to try an all over leaf pattern.

I start with a doodle type sketch of what is in my mind.

Then I practice on a scrap, and then Just go for it.

Here is the completed quilt, names barefoot roses, after the range of fabrics that I used.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Productive weekend

I have managed to get oodles of sewing done this weekend, let me show you.
First was my trapunto pillow on Friday. ( previous post).

Friday night sewing with friends I made block one of my new First Ladies BOM. Lots of careful trimming of the HST's gave me perfect points. This is the centre block in the quilt and is a massive 26 inches square.

After this was done the night was still (relatively ) young so I settled in for a movie with some hand stitching. I managed to get block 3 of a year of blooms done.

This is a BOM designed by Wendy of sugarlane quilts. Wendy also co hosts sew it's finished, and if you complete one UFO a month you get sent a block pattern for this BOM. I have now completed the first 3, and block 4 is drawn up ready to go.

The other weekly block activity I have been joining in is quilt experiment which is part of quilt club Australia a face book group that I belong to. Each week they put up a design and you interpret it any way you like. It's incredible to see how different the blocks all look done in different colours.

I used up a fat quarter set I had in my stash called bare foot roses, and after completing 12 blocks decided that it was enough to put into a quilt. Here it is all done - or at least the flimsy is.

I quite like it the way it is without any additional borders, I have. I have more of the solid green to bind it in. But first, it's off to the shop as I am out if batting.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Trying trapunto

I like to teach myself new skills, and this week it was trapunto. So before I embarked in this project I watched a few YouTube videos to see what to do. I am a visual girl, and reading patterns only does half the job.
First you fuse the appliqué In place

Then you pop the batting on and stitch on the raw edge of each shape. Once this is done you flip it over and trim the batting - very carefully as you do not want to cut through your top fabric.

Here is my flip side all done.

Then add another layer of batting and shadow quilt all of the shapes and heavily quilt between them so they puff out.

This is a cushion for my great niece Kai, who is having her fifth birthday in a couple of weeks, the colours match the quilt I gave her for Christmas two years ago. I still had some of the red fabric used in her quilt in my scraps so was able to use that for the little flowers.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

girls day out flimsy completed

A huge sigh of relief, as this has been a long slow (but enjoyable) process, but I am pleased to say the flimsy is done with the borders added today.

I have popped the buttons on for the photography, just to see the overall effect but will stitch them in place once the quilting is completed.

I decided not to add all the extra flowers and embellishments on as I am not a fan of it being so busy, I quite liked it just the way it is.

Here are some close up shots so you can see the cute buttons.

The centre block was meant to have a dove on the roof, but being Australian I purchased a galah instead.

Love the pram

So now it sits in my too be quilted pile, it's in good company. 
 As this is not an overly large quilt, I think I will tackle this one myself.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New projects

As mentioned in my last post, I have signed up for two new BOM’s.  The first one ins through the Fat Quarter shop as I thoroughly enjoyed the Vintage modern quilt I made via a BOM with them last year ( note to self, still need to take that one to the quilters).

This time I opted for a Medallion style quilt as its been ages since I have done one like that ( years in fact).  This one is called First ladies and is using civil war style fabrics – another first for me.


Block one arrived in the post yesterday.  Its the complete centre star up to ( but not including the dark blue border.  So I will make a start on that soon.  But first I promise to put together Girls day out as all of the stitchery on that has now been completed. 

The other BOM that I have signed up for is another first for me as its made with felt and wool.  It is  an applique and stitchery one made up of 12 monthly seasonal pictures featuring Bertie the bird.
 I think it is super cute and really looking forward to this new stitchery project.


This BOM is from Shabby fabrics and my first block should arrive some time in December. You can see a few of the blocks pictured  on the button above, but below are some of my favourite ones


On a Professional level ( not sewing related) some of you may know that I am a Leasing agent for a high profile real estate company in Adelaide.  Last night was our Industries annual awards, a spectacular night held at the Adelaide Entertainment centre.  We came away with 7 awards, such as top large office, top marketing, top innovation which was an amazing effort, but the BIG win for us was Property Management Agency of the Year, which is the Team that I work in. 

Here I am proudly displaying our award.
We manage over 1 billion dollars worth of Real estate in Adelaide, with a staff of around 20.  I am a Business Development manager with the company primarily working in the high end with Interstate and International relocation's.  This is the biggest award that I have ever been involved in winning.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pretty as a posie

This pretty table runner is made from blocks received in the 6 inch group of quilting block swaps Australia.
I love how they all tie together into this table runner, all I had to add was a few setting triangles. It is simply quilted in the ditch around each block I wish now I had done a bit more on the green as it's slightly rippled.
I have also just completed Acorn lane and it's in the post to its new owner in the USA, I really loved making this quilt again, it's so cute. Even Billy thinks so, he gave it the doggie thumbs up ( a tail wag).
I have a few more quilts to complete, and two finished quilt tops to quilt so it's time to think about start some new projects. Having just signed up for two new BOM's and a few design ideas in my head I think I will be keeping pretty busy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Keeping busy

So what have I been up to?

First i have Completed the flimsy for my Etsy order, just need to put on borders and quilt this. Need to go fabric shopping for the border fabric, not sure if a dark green or plum will be the right one to use, w

Last night I felt quite relieved to finish the piecing of all of my swoon blocks, now to put them all together. So pretty - this range is Paris flea markets.

I have also dug out a whole pile of swap blocks to start putting them together into quilts..... Such fun.

Can you see my quilting supervisor keeping watch, or maybe its just dinner time.