Thursday, December 19, 2013

Frozen penguins and rowing along.

The mercury hit 43 degrees or so in Adelaide today, so I thought I would share with you something cool, Yep, its my frozen penguins quilt all done.

I actually finished this a few days ago but this is the first chance I have had to blog about it.  I know you have all seen it growing, so I wont bore you, just one quick pic of the finished product so I can tick of my OPAM list a finish for December.

I have also been busy rowing along and last night finished my baskets row, I am having so much fun making this quilt, and plan to do a few more using just some of the designs, eg, I would love to make just a crispy fresh apple one, and maybe find some apple print for the border.

One more working day for me, then its off for a week 'bliss" I am looking forward to spending Christmas day with my family and especially my 7 grandies, they are all getting so excited.  Children certainly do bring the magic back into Christmas.


  1. wow love this quilt and your rows are coming along beautifully and yes i agree kiddies make xmas.xx

  2. would need it to keep us warm here in the UK .. gritters out .. and its 08.20!!! it looks wonderful x

  3. The penguins are gorgeous: surprised they didn't melt today though XX

  4. I think we sent the heat over to you... We had a few over 40s last week or sew...
    Your Penguin quilt looks great and your rows are really gorgeous.
    Must do mine...

  5. P.S. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and little Granddies...

  6. This is such a cute quilt, well done on sneaking in a finish before Christmas! Who knows what you can achieve with a whole week off! Have a great Christmas with your family :)

  7. your penguin quilt is just to cute and pretty... I love it... and the other quilt is coming along beautifully....
    Have a lovely week off celebrating...

  8. It's gorgeous Sue!! Well done on another fabulous finish to see the year out 😊 ... Enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family!! Hopefully it'll be more comfortable then than it is right now!!!


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