Thursday, November 28, 2013

Snowflake penguins

I am one step further on my snowflake penguin quilt. This is my adaption of a project I spied in the October homespun magazine. ( note to self, time to renew the subscription).

I had fun putting the penguins together, and now I have added the star blocks above them. I decided on a 9 block lay out quite different to the original, but look can you see my sparkly snowflakes.

This is some pretty Christmas fabric, fused into visolfex and cut out with my go baby and simply raw edge appliquéd on. Please forgive my shadow, this is the trouble taking photos at night,

Still need to give these little chap eyes, and unsure if I will embroider them on or use little buttons.

Now for the borders, thinking a skinny red peeper, then a wider navy to frame it and set it off. But before I do the borders, I am working in another row in my new row along quilt, this row is the cocoa cups, fabric cut and tomorrow nights task is the stitching,

Before I go, I want to share with you this lovely message from Quilt designer Leanne Beasley that I found on Facebook.




  1. Your quilt is looking great Sue. Those little penguins are so cute.

  2. your happy feet quilt is looking so sweet and pretty...

  3. Your penguins are so CuTe! And the quilt is looking great... :)

  4. In regards to renewing your subscription of homespun, you should look at your local library. I can download each month's magazine for free from the library using zinio. Love my library!!!!

  5. Very cute penguins! I thought they might have been asleep! Love the sparkly bits too.

  6. Just love this quilt, I plan to make it next year


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