Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rows and circles.

My first row is complete in my row along quilt, I just am so excited about how cute the finished quilt will be.

So as promised to myself, I am finishing a UFO before I start the next row.

As you can see I am In The process of quilting my string quilt, with circles. It's a big job, and to be honest I am not really enjoying it - but not much left to do.  I am not even sure what I am going to do with the completed quilt as it was not made with any one in mind, just to use up some scraps.

I started this quilt in May 2011 so it's one of my oldest U F O's. Well time to get the white gloves on and see if in can get the quilting on this finished today.


  1. The apples are so cute and love the different colours. The string quilt is looking good, look forward to the end result, quilting circles sounds great, but looks hard!

  2. I love your apples. They are so fantastic.

  3. keep going with ypour quilt x what better to snuggle under than a scrap quilt xx loveing the apples x

  4. The apples look great..perfect colours for sure~but also a very cute design. xx debbie

  5. Love your row of apples. The quilt looks good too. Hugs......

  6. great row of apples.... I love the couple of cores put in there.... quilting is lovely.. I want to know how you get your circles in line so well... do you mark or is that just guess work... it looks so nice and parallel to the other lines...

  7. Hello Sue - you will find a great use for the quilt when the time is right - what a great way to use up those little bits too lovely to toss out.

  8. Your apples look great. I bought the book at market and there is another quilt along I want to do. Just can not seem to get there. Oh I can not wait to see your quilt. I just love scrappy.


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