Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rainbow strings- the journey of a scrappy quilt

This is a BIG finish for me, as its been on my UFO pile for over two years.

I started this quilts journey in May 2011 when I began sewing coloured strips together.  Later these were cut into 8 inch blocks on the diagonal.  When building the blocks I started with a scrappy triangle, the kind that is cut off when making flying geese blocks, goodness knows I have a huge stack of them too. ( I cant seem to throw any little scrap away).

Part way through the block construction I started randomly adding in some selvidges, just to add a bit of whimsical interest.  I love the names of some of the fabric ranges, and the little prints can be so cute.  ( yep, I save them too).

As the quilt evolved I joined the 8 inch squares into blocks of 4 to create a diamond effect.  As my strip scrap pile grew every so often I would make a batch of blocks, then one day I realised I had more than enough to put them together in a quilt.

I decided to quilt this in a circle effect, but its actually a spiral, starting from the centre of where four different coloured blocks join and I just went round and round until I got to the edges.  the circles are reasonably even on the outer edges as you can see in the photo below, but in the centre of the spirals they start out much closer together, like a spring.

I also decided on a scrappy binding joining some strips together end to end.  So in reality this has been a very inexpensive quilt to make with it being purely from my scrap basket. I

I still have an overflowing strip scrap tub, and quite a number of part or full quilt blocks to begin version too, I am thinking that my next one will be in just one colour range or possibly a group of colours such as autumn tonings, greens, reds and oranges.  Lets see shall we.


  1. Pretty quilt you made out of your scraps Sue.

  2. It is beautifully scrapalicious! I love it!

  3. It's gorgeous.... it's amazing how those scraps build up isn't it...

  4. lovely ;-) - love the idea of an autumn tonings quilt :)

  5. Your string quilt has turned out beautifully Sue, it seems we never run out of scraps.

  6. It's so pretty Sue... I know who ever gets it will LoVe IT ! :)

  7. Love scrap quilts and this one is no exception, congratulations on a finish! Bring on the next row!

  8. Looks great, that's one of my future projects too. I'm thinking 2014 might be my year of the scrappy project (and UFO's!).

  9. Yay! I think this is just wonderful... well done Sue, so much work in it, gorgeous colours and a great design... Congrats! x


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