Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 Christmas pageant and Quilt show

What a busy weekend I have had, yesterday it was up early and off to the Christmas pageant with my daughter in law Katherine and grand children Leo and Ziva.  Two very excited little ones joined in with 300,000 others to welcome Santa to town.  Leo was even more excited when he got to sit on a police motor cycle.

Last night DH and I went out to dinner and then a movie with some friends.  We saw Captain Phillips, which was starring Tom Hanks.  I thoroughly enjoyed this true story of a container ship being pirated by Somalian fishermen.  Tom Hanks was as always brilliant.

Today it was off to the quilt fair with bloggy friend Sue from Mother patchwork.  Sue and I had never met before but have been talking about catching up for months.  It was so nice to put a face to a name and enjoy the show together.  I also ran into a few other Quilters guild members and friends, Sheila, Pip and Wendy.

I took quite a lot of photos of quilting for inspiration as I am trying to branch out with my FMQ.  I  don't believe I am permitted to show the photos, so I better not.  What I can show you however is the stash that I purchased.  A seven pack of rotary blades, sewing machine oil in a drip free dispenser,  titanium machine needles and a lovely fat quarter stack of Astor Manor.

I have not got any sewing to show you, as its all been block swap obligations this week,  but am excited that Homespun have purchased a second design from me that I have also started work on so not allowed to share it.  Not sure yet when this one will be published so stay tuned for that.


  1. I think we had better plan our meetings three months in advance next time, so I can stay longer! It was great to meet you, and I will look forward to having personal show and tell next time and coffee!

  2. lovely time catching up with Santa.... making memories....
    I like to get essentials like blades and needles at the quilt fairs too and how fun to catch up with the other Sue...

  3. Nice way to Welcome in the festive season.. with a Santa parade!
    Then "out on a date" with hubby...and then some eye candy at the "fair". WOW sounds like a perfect weekend! :)

  4. The parade looks like so much fun. Your grandchildren are just precious. Sounds great to have a date with hubby and friends.


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