Friday, October 18, 2013

Trying trapunto

I like to teach myself new skills, and this week it was trapunto. So before I embarked in this project I watched a few YouTube videos to see what to do. I am a visual girl, and reading patterns only does half the job.
First you fuse the appliqué In place

Then you pop the batting on and stitch on the raw edge of each shape. Once this is done you flip it over and trim the batting - very carefully as you do not want to cut through your top fabric.

Here is my flip side all done.

Then add another layer of batting and shadow quilt all of the shapes and heavily quilt between them so they puff out.

This is a cushion for my great niece Kai, who is having her fifth birthday in a couple of weeks, the colours match the quilt I gave her for Christmas two years ago. I still had some of the red fabric used in her quilt in my scraps so was able to use that for the little flowers.


  1. Sue that is so effective and pretty... I love the applique puffed out...

  2. Your work looks so fantastic. What a great gift for your nice.

  3. Great result with the trapunto. The cushion looks fabulous. Your niece is lucky to have such a talented Great aunt..
    Nice new profile photo too.

  4. Beautiful, Sue. Trapunto gives a lovely effect.

  5. The cushion is beautiful and the perfect size to try out a new skill, which has inspired me to add trapunto onto my bucket list. Congratulations on all your professional and quilting achievements of late.

  6. That looks great, love the ladybird!


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