Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seeing improvement

This was a real busy week, which meant I did not get a lot of sewing time, I managed to get some stitchery done and played some more with my birdhouse scraps.

I decided to pull an old quilt out when I was changing my sheets this week, and it is really made me realise how far I have come since I began this journey in 2008. I made this quilt long before I was a blogger so it has never featured on my blog but I am going to share it with you now. This was the second quilt that I had ever made and its called the blues.

I never used a pattern, just made it to look like a picture that was on a calendar, so all of the measurements were guesses. Looking back now I am amazed at how it all seemed to fit.

When you view it overall, it does not look too bad, but here is a close up section of my pinwheels. I don't think any of the points meet up, I had not heard of a 1/4 inch foot back then.
And here in my first ever attempt at Fm stipple, I did the stipple on the border and basic in the ditch around the large sections, not much quilting at all. Ia few years back i did think about doing more quilting on it but decided to keep it as an example of my beginning.
Here is my first quilt, roosting roosters

It's a simple appliqué quilt, I cut the sashing with scissors as I never knew about roller cutters, and appliquéd with zigzag as I didn't know about blanket stitch. i hand quilted in the ditch around the roosters. this quilt remains one if my favourites, and lives on the sofa in the spare room.


  1. before we learn "the rules" we can be free and ....just do it .. with out any guilt or striving to... get it right! often the best loved quilts we have are a result of this xx

  2. I think they turned out really well as first projects. I'm impressed that you were straight into the FMQing! Well done you!

  3. I love having a look at my first ever quilt too, not to see the mistakes, but how far we have progressed since! I have/had a rooster wall hanging in my past too, with dreadful big button hole stitches! You were a convert from go, if you started quilting without a pattern!
    The birdhouses are so cute.

  4. Your block is so pretty. I just love it. Oh what a wonderful quilt to cherish. You know happiness is homemade.


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