Thursday, August 29, 2013

Practice and excitement

In readiness for the PP swap, I thought I better practice, as I have not done a pp block in over a year, so I set myself a challenge on a hexagon shape, with tiny pieces.

This pattern was shared on quilt club, which is a facebook quilting group that I belong to. It turned out a bit wonky, but not too bad for a rusty beginner. I have quilted it, and just need to pop some binding on and will use it as a mini mug rug in my sewing room.

I also have had so e really exciting news this week, Homespun, my favourite quilting magazine have agreed to feature a pattern that I have designed.

I can't say any more than that as its all secret squirrel stuff. It won't be in the mag until next May, and I have a November deadline to get the completed project to them but am super excited to now be a "designer". It certainly has inspired me to design more and get those creative juices flowing.



  1. Hi Sue, you did a great job of the bee block, considering you are 'rusty'... and that is wonderful news about Homespun, congrats, I am sure you will produce a fabulous design!

  2. now I can drop your name and say I know this designer!!! great news.. and I do love your paper pieced bee...

  3. Congratulations Sue.. Look forward to buying the Homespun edition when you are in PRINT.....
    Love the wee bee.

  4. Wow - I LOVE Handmade! Congratulations Sue - that is very, very exciting!!

  5. Congratulations Sue what a fantastic achievement! Hope we get a sneak peek along the way? May is so far away!

  6. The bee is gorgeous, and WOW Congratulations sweetie!!! That's fantastic news!!! I will certainly look out for it :)

  7. Hi Sue, I don't think you said what magazine you were accepted by but I thought it was probably Homespun because of the dates. Congratulations. You beat me, I am going to be in Homespun in June. Vicki


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