Saturday, August 17, 2013

A tough heart

A few posts ago. I mentioned that I was starting a new jelly roll quilt. I have done block 1, and have to say its not as easy as it may look.

You have to sort and cut all the little pieces out into zip lock bags. (Done during the week)

Plastic templates are used, so it's slow going, I have done the jelly roll, but still have do do the cream, but I wanted to put one heart together.

its not perfect, but I am sure it will get easier as I get more confident with this pattern and the technique. The little corner bits fall together to create flowers between the hearts.

I am killing time waiting for two little visitors to arrive. It's my sons birthday tomorrow, so he is going out tonight with his wife which means that Leo and Ziva are having a sleepover. ( one excited nana).

Then we will all go out somewhere nice tomorrow for breakfast.



  1. It is a lovely block Sue but I can see the cutting would be a bit tedious. Look forward to seeing more. Hugs........

  2. That is definitely a lot of work with cutting and piecing but the block looks beautiful and the corner flowers sound pretty too. Hope your son had a great birthday celebration and the Grandies enjoyed their sleepover.

  3. Lovely block Sue. Looking forward to seeing the quilt. Hugs,xx

  4. Sue the block looks great, just might be one of those slow burn projects I guess! Hope sleep over went well and you had a nice family breakfast.

  5. that does look challenging but so pretty when they are together... you will have fun with it I think...

  6. The heart block looks great! A great FNSI for you!

  7. a lovely heart block..does sound like a lot of work but once the prep is done all you have to do is sew!!


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