Friday, July 19, 2013

Custom order

Things have taken off quite well in my etsy store, I have now sold four quilts, and tonight inhave just completed my first custom order.

This is a mini version of acorn lane that was a 12 month BOM that I made a year or so ago. This lady wanted a smaller version for her fall decor, and thought the squirrels were a cute change from the usual decor.

I still had a lot of the original fabrics in my stash so I could make it reasonable true to the original, all I had to purchase was the pumpkin fabric that I used in the borders, and also backed the quilt with this. I still had a few wooden acorns that used on this for her too.

I hope the lady that ordered this loves it......




  1. That is very exciting news, congratulations!!
    xx debbie

  2. well done with your sales at Etsy and your customer order is great. I am sure she will love it..

  3. that's gorgeous... I'm sure she will love it...

  4. Woohoo! Congratulations Sue!! This is gorgeous - I'm sure she will love it!!

  5. Good for you! Cute mini, hope the orders continue to roll in.

  6. Neat! This is very exciting. I am sure she will love it!


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