Sunday, June 2, 2013

Trash or treasure

It's often said that one mans trash is another's treasure, and here is the treasure that has just landed in my lap ( or yard ).

I think it's lovely and provincial.

 The orange is terracotta tiles, but with mould on them which I will clean up, and the metal trim around the table is rusted which I will treat, but I think that it's still quite a find.

This meant that I had to relocate my wooden bench, which needs a new seat as the timber slats have broken, the reason for the strategically placed basket.
I have also been doing some cooking today, as its soup Monday at work, and this week it's my turn, can you guess what soup I am makin
On the sewing front I made another jelly roll sampler block today, and I have managed to make a start I. The stitchery of block one of a little bit country,


  1. ooh I like your table ... now you know you should mend that seat! lol for me you can keep the mushrooms !sorry wont be joining in this week! lol xx

  2. Nice find Sue and I am sure you will get it all looking like new..
    I am coming to your work tomorrow for soup.....
    Nice blocks you have worked on too.

  3. Great find! I love mushroom soup, I bet its delicious!

  4. For me it's a treasure. When you clean it up it will look a million dollars on your garden.
    Your soups sounds good too.
    Have a very nice week.

  5. Definately a treasure. Love mushroom soup. Lovely blocks. Hugs,xx.

  6. Great treasure find.... lovely.... the best thing about winter is lots of soup ... pretty blocks... I got out my jelly roll and the sampler pattern .... hope to do some slicing and stitching today... inspiration from you!


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