Sunday, June 16, 2013


I just could not help myself and started my swoon quilt today with just one block, promise….. no more until Tapestry is quilted.

I love love love this block, and this range of fabrics (Paris Flea markets).

I did not realise how large the finished blocks are  (25cm). 

Here are the rest of the fq’s all kitted up ready to go.  I have pre cut all of the cream fabric used in the blocks and on the sashings. ( bagged by size of block so I don’t get mixed up).

kitted up
And yes, I did get Tapestry pinned, see….here it is atop my pile of WIP’s ( in the boxes). I just never got the quilting started today.

A few ladies have been showing off their design walls, here is mine pretty much taken up by Girls Day out.

And now here is block one of Swoon on the design wall , its just not going to all fit.  I am going to leave it there for awhile just so I can admire it. 

swoon on wall
Well, that was my Sunday of sewing. 
 Now I am blog hopping to see what everyone else has done today. 


  1. AH-Haha!!! When you mentioned that you were eager to get your swoon quilt started, I could have bet money on the fact that you wouldn't be able to stop yourself from making at least one block before the Fig Tree sampler was finished :) I can see why though - those fabrics are gorgeous together in this block!!! I still have to decide whether or not to use my 'Nine Dots' or Ruby - a decision I haven't been able to make for almost two years, lol!! I DO want to make this one though - especially after seeing Camille herself actually make a block in her Craftsy class!!! She makes it look so easy!!! ... Loved seeing your design wall!! I dont' have one, mainly as I do my sewing out in the loungeroom where there are just too many louvres (it would get too dirty too quickly!!). I do have a little mat that I plan out my blocks on though, so that the pieces don't blow away at the slightest hint of a breeze :D
    Looking forward to seeing the Sampler in it's finished glory! I do love it in those fabrics!!! Hugs!! xx

  2. It is such a beautiful block and so lovely to see Paris Flea Market being shown off... well done pinning... so quilting this week?

  3. The swoon block looks great, good luck on resisting the temptation to start another one!

  4. Your swoon block looks lovely. Hugs.....


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