Monday, June 10, 2013

June Long weekend

How nice was it to have a long weekend, I planned to do a lot of sewing, but in reality got very little done.
Friday night was movie night with some friends to see the Great Gatsby, a spectacle for sure.  Saturday was the usual stuff, washing, housework, grocery shopping, and Saturday night was dinner at a friends house.
Sunday was very special as two little people came to spend the day with me.  Leo and I cooked a frittata when Ziva was having a nap.

When Leo went down for a nap I did get about 1/2 hour in my sewing room and made half of  a sampler block, the other half was completed this morning.  I also did some stitchery on my red work Christmas bears while watching the Lion king with Leo and Ziva.

DH and I went out for lunch today at the Grange hotel which is right on the beach, it was lovely to relax and nibble on tasting plate with a glass of champagne and watch the ocean, dog walkers and joggers, as well as families taking advantage of a lovely sunny June day.

I did get a little more sewing done today and joined the top and bottom sections of the Girls Day out quilt together.  My first attempt saw not all of the little blocks meeting nicely so reverse sewing was required. 
I only have one more stitchery block and the four little stitchery fillers on this one before its completed.  I think its really coming along nicely.  Other than the border blue, red and grey (with flowers), the little blocks are all from a layer cake in the Etchings range by 3 sisters.



  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely long weekend Sue. Your quilt is looking fabulous!

  2. What a lovely weekend it sounds! Love the photo of leo helping with the frittata! Your quilt looks wonderful!

  3. What a perfect weekend.. Lots of cuddles, going out for dinner and also a bit of sewing...

  4. The girls day out quilt looks great, such lovely stitching. You are very good at squeezing the most out of your weekends!

  5. sounds like a lovely weekend... your block looks fantastic... so pretty.... and I love how your Girls Day out is coming together... you are going well with it...

  6. Sounds like a dream weekend.

  7. Awe cute photos. Your stitchery quilt is very lovely. Hope the weather down there is good too. We are just heading into summer here.


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