Saturday, June 29, 2013

A mid year finish

June 30 marks the end of the Financial year in Australia, so for me its a mid way check point for everything.  I am working away with making quilts from blocks received in swaps as I have lots of them to put together. 
But my mid year finish is the Tapestry quilt ( named from the fig tree range of fabrics that I used to make it with). This is a jelly roll sampler quilt and if it looks familiar I have made this twice before.  Once in butterscotch and roses and one in a French General colour way.

tapestry bench
4 6

I have quilted this all over in a curly three leaf pattern from raw edge to raw edge, you can see the detail in the pictures above.

Tap 1 tapestry roll I have also done a spot of stitching this week on my Christmas teddy wall hanging.
Here are the two blocks that I have completed.
Teddy banner light teddy

If you look on the QBSA blog you will see the flimsy that I have put together showcasing some of the blocks received in swaps.  I purchased some backing fabric for that today and plan to get underway with quilting it over the weekend.

I also purchased a delectable charm pack, called Mini coffee cake * yum *
I plan to make a table runner with it for my dining table as my colours are browns and blues so this is perfect.  With all of my projects on the go that it simmering on the back burner for the time being though.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

FMQUILTING and a little visit.

I had a little accident this week when I was " in the zone" doing my FMQuilting on my tapestry quilt. I stitched right through my thumb, in one side and out the other. My thumb went blue, and has been super sensitive and I can only really just use it again now.
Here is the reverse of the quilt showing then leaf pattern that I did all over.

I have also managed to get a second swoon block made, they are just so pretty.

But I didn't get a lot done last night as look who came for a visit and decided to have a sleep over. Jack got cold in the early hours of the morning and joined us in our bed.

Monday, June 17, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I sold my third quilt on Etsy, and when I sell a quilt it gives me play money to buy more fabric to make more quilts, some to sell on Etsy, and some to keep or gift.

Today, these two delicious FQ sets arrived in the post.

Going our of my normal comfort zone I picked this bunch of cheery Bella fat quarters. I think I will use them in another trinket box quilt, but they would also make a lovely modern version of swoon.

And there there is these, gorgeous rich colours, Field notes.... Just because.

So they will be tucked away in my stash for something nice one day.

I have wound my bobbins ready to begin some FMQuilting on tapestry later this evening.


Sunday, June 16, 2013


I just could not help myself and started my swoon quilt today with just one block, promise….. no more until Tapestry is quilted.

I love love love this block, and this range of fabrics (Paris Flea markets).

I did not realise how large the finished blocks are  (25cm). 

Here are the rest of the fq’s all kitted up ready to go.  I have pre cut all of the cream fabric used in the blocks and on the sashings. ( bagged by size of block so I don’t get mixed up).

kitted up
And yes, I did get Tapestry pinned, see….here it is atop my pile of WIP’s ( in the boxes). I just never got the quilting started today.

A few ladies have been showing off their design walls, here is mine pretty much taken up by Girls Day out.

And now here is block one of Swoon on the design wall , its just not going to all fit.  I am going to leave it there for awhile just so I can admire it. 

swoon on wall
Well, that was my Sunday of sewing. 
 Now I am blog hopping to see what everyone else has done today. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tapestry flimsy

During the week I have managed to complete all 12 blocks in my jelly roll sampler Tapestry. Last night I stitched the sashing borders in and realised that I had not purchased enough of the border fabric. So a quick google search located some in a LPS so thank fully no time lost in waiting for a delivery to arrive. This afternoon I have stitched the borders on and tomorrow will pin and start quilting.

This is the third version of this quilt I have made, and its still a favourite design. I love how easily it all comes together with one jelly roll plus some border fabric.

As always is the case when you go to your LPS you buy something else, and I spotted this black and white jelly roll, perfect to make this jelly roll quilt.

But... Before I start that one I plan to make my swoon quilt with these delectable Paris flea market fat quarters

I will be a good girl and not start on this until Tapestry is quilted, hmmm or maybe I will make just one block first for fun he he.


Monday, June 10, 2013

June Long weekend

How nice was it to have a long weekend, I planned to do a lot of sewing, but in reality got very little done.
Friday night was movie night with some friends to see the Great Gatsby, a spectacle for sure.  Saturday was the usual stuff, washing, housework, grocery shopping, and Saturday night was dinner at a friends house.
Sunday was very special as two little people came to spend the day with me.  Leo and I cooked a frittata when Ziva was having a nap.

When Leo went down for a nap I did get about 1/2 hour in my sewing room and made half of  a sampler block, the other half was completed this morning.  I also did some stitchery on my red work Christmas bears while watching the Lion king with Leo and Ziva.

DH and I went out for lunch today at the Grange hotel which is right on the beach, it was lovely to relax and nibble on tasting plate with a glass of champagne and watch the ocean, dog walkers and joggers, as well as families taking advantage of a lovely sunny June day.

I did get a little more sewing done today and joined the top and bottom sections of the Girls Day out quilt together.  My first attempt saw not all of the little blocks meeting nicely so reverse sewing was required. 
I only have one more stitchery block and the four little stitchery fillers on this one before its completed.  I think its really coming along nicely.  Other than the border blue, red and grey (with flowers), the little blocks are all from a layer cake in the Etchings range by 3 sisters.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tapestry and catching up

I am making my third jelly roll sampler quilt, I love how quickly and easily these pretty blocks come together into a quilt with just one jelly roll + some border fabric.  I am using the Tapestry jelly roll that I won at the quilting retreat earlier this year. Here is the 6th block that I worked on this afternoon.  My friend Fiona is also making this quilt, you can see her progress HERE


So I am the half way mark, how lovely do they all look together. I have sorted and bagged the strips into blocks, and am pulling them out to do in random order so this is not technically the first 6 blocks in the pattern.


I also have my internet back YAY, so now I can show you a few catch up pictures from my recent trip to Queensland ( as I took them with my camera so could not upload them with the Ipad. )

The purpose of the trip was to attend AREC, which was a national real estate conference, but DH and I extended for a couple of days and spent one of those days at Movie world.
Firstly I was very brave at Movie world to go on this ride.

DH just had to have his picture taken with this superwoman. We bought all of the Grandies super man, bat man and wonder woman capes, so now we have super Grandies.

I took a liking to these signs in one of the coffee shops.  Don’t you think they would make lovely stitchery's.  ( There is a plan in my head for this).

This photo is the back of one of the stalls, I find it funny as whenever we go to the movies DH always gets a frozen coke and popcorn.  I also like the vintage look of it. quite retro.

Well that’s me up to date, so its back to some more hand stitching tonight of block 1 of a Little bit country tonight, there is certainly a lot of stitchery on this block.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Trash or treasure

It's often said that one mans trash is another's treasure, and here is the treasure that has just landed in my lap ( or yard ).

I think it's lovely and provincial.

 The orange is terracotta tiles, but with mould on them which I will clean up, and the metal trim around the table is rusted which I will treat, but I think that it's still quite a find.

This meant that I had to relocate my wooden bench, which needs a new seat as the timber slats have broken, the reason for the strategically placed basket.
I have also been doing some cooking today, as its soup Monday at work, and this week it's my turn, can you guess what soup I am makin
On the sewing front I made another jelly roll sampler block today, and I have managed to make a start I. The stitchery of block one of a little bit country,