Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some one special

Leo is having a birthday, can you believe that he is three already

Well, he is coming for tea tonight, so I baked a cake,

Then made him a dinosaur library bag

And filled it with goodies


  1. Happy Birthday Leo....
    How lucky is he to have such a great Nan. I am sure he will love his special Library Bag and the goodies inside..
    Yes the years just fly by to fast...

  2. have a lovely birthday tea with your special boy xx LOVE birthday cake.... best sort x

  3. Happy birthday to Leo! That cake looks very yummy. Leo's dinosaur bag is gorgeous.

  4. Happy Birthday young man. Hope you enjoy your special day and that yummy cake. hugs

  5. so sweet! I love the dinosaur! Hope you all have a wonderful tea tonight!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  6. Happy birthday Leo...what a lovely cake and goodies bag :-)

  7. Happy birthday Leo. That dinosaur bag is fantastic.

  8. lovely cake and leo must be very happy to be 3! love the dinosaur bag too...


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