Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pinwheels completed

Here is the completed perfect pinwheels quilt,  I was stitching the binding on last night at my MIL’s house when we visited for mothers day and it occurred to me that I have never given her a quilt. (MIL #1 – from my first marriage received one for her 70th) , but my dear 83 year old current MIL hasn’t so, I gave this to her.

Rinas quilt

Here is my new quilt label that arrived last week, I then date them in colour fast ink.  I like these ones as there is room to write a note and personalise them.

  new label
At my MIL’s last night she gave me this tapestry kit that she has had for years and years and never got around to stitching.  She says her eyesight it to far gone now for her to do it.  Its a complete kit with all of the wool.  I will enjoy doing this.

box tapestry  tapestry box

Happy mothers day to all of my lovely blogging mummies I am being treated to lunch out with my darling daughter Sheree and then tonight we have been invited to dinner at my son Jarrod's house – how spoilt am I !


  1. Lovely quilt to gift - one of a kind. Love your labels.. where did you get them done? I am considering it....
    enjoy the tapestry and your lovely day...

  2. How lovely to gift your first design to your MIL. Glad you are having a wonderful Mothers Day. Hugs......

  3. I love tapestries, shame they're a bit out of favour at the moment. You might be able to finish it and give it back for next year's Mothers' Day!

  4. Lovely quilt, I'm sure your MIL loved it. The label is awesome.
    Happy mother's Day to you,Sue.

  5. Happy Mothers Day, sounds like you had a lovely time with your family. I hope that your MIL liked her new quilt. The tapestry will be fun, not so hard on the eyes as stitchery I find!

  6. The quilt looks really lovely Sue...your MIL must have been thrilled when you gave it to her :-) xx


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