Thursday, May 16, 2013

itching to go stitching

The last of my threads have arrived, and I cant wait to start the stitchery.  Everyone tells me that the Cottage garden threads are beautiful to use.

I am part way though GDO block 8, so once this is done I will start this one,  I have yet to finish drawing all of the stitchery design on to the appliqued block 1.

IMG_0009 Country threads


  1. Looks amazing. Have other things to do before I even begin this one.

  2. Sew many beautiful threads to work with Sue...Have fun.

  3. What gorgeous colours the threads are.

  4. Ohh I dont get into stitchery much but those threads look so lovely and tactile, I am sure you will enjoy using them.

  5. lovely selection of threads... I love the subtle variegation..

  6. Just haven't got the time to start this one Sue, but will enjoy following your progress. Hugs.....


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