Thursday, May 23, 2013

AREC13 - Gold Coast

As many of you would know I am here on the beautiful Gold Coast for a few days, and it is how they say, beautiful one day - perfect the next.

The reason for my trip is to attend  2013 AREC, or Australian real estate conference which has been on for the past two days that has been on at the convention centre.

We flew up on Friday afternoon and spent the night and most of Saturday with my nephew, his wife and gorgeous daughter Kai. They live in Brisbane and we only get to see them a couple of times a year when they get the chance to holiday in Adelaide.

The speakers at the conference were mainly high profile real estate agents, but there were also non real estate speakers too, such as Alan jones, who I found very political in his talk.  We laughed along with John Symonds who created Aussie home loans, his story was certainly that of an Aussie battler that made it, and was humous and interesting to hear.

The keynote speaker was Chris Gardner.  Chris is the author of the book in the pursuit of happyness, which later became a movie (played by Will Smith). His was an amazing story of his life being homeless as a single parent with a 14 month old son ( not a 5 year old) like in the movie.  He had the audience in awe, as well as laughter and tears as we went with him on his journey of life, and his message was clear, never take anything for granted.

As I am writing this post in my iPad, I cannot upload any photos, so it's a text only post.

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  1. sounds like a great conference to be at...


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