Sunday, April 28, 2013

Productive weekend

I have challenged my self and have started writing my first ever quilt pattern.  Its for the pin wheel quilt that I made in the Lilac Hill range for my friend Rosemary a couple of years ago, and is my own design after being creative with a charm pack.  Stay tuned for the finished product - Lilac hill is the quilt on my blog header, top left.

So on Friday night I got to work on the pin wheels, and I am writing the pattern as I reconstruct the quilt.
Here is half of the 20 I need to make, the rest are in various stages of construction.

This range is called Audras Iris garden and is very similar to the Lilac hill range that I first made this quilt in.

Then on Saturday night I finally finished my cowl neck scarf using the beautiful organic hand dyed wool from August bird.  ( I hate trying to take photos of myself, but as I am home alone today I didn't do too badly).

After I finished the scarf the night was still young so I got the final bit of stitchery done on block 5 of Girls day out..  I really have to get a move on now, as I got the email yesterday that block 1 of Libby's new quilt  a little bit country is being mailed out next week.  I am hosting a stitch-a-long for that one if anyone is interesting in joining in. HERE is the link.


  1. I know, wasnt it exciting to get that email :o) I have dug out my Girls Day Out this afternoon but then promptly got back on the computer :( I am avoiding the ironing though! Your block 5 is looking great and not a bad selfie :o) hugs

  2. Well done with the pattern - love your pinwheels. Block 5 Girls Day Out is looking great

  3. You take a lovely photo and the stitching is beautiful

  4. yeh!!!! You are back on my reading list Sue...
    Look forward to seeing your tutorial for the Pinwheel Quilt...
    Nice selfy and lovely scraf..
    Great work with your stitchery.

  5. Great scarf.

    Your teddy block looks Fabulous.
    I am looking forward to receiving the new BOM. Must get a move on with Girls Day Out.

  6. Good luck with the pattern writing, I am very impressed! The teddies in the window are so sweet.


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