Monday, April 15, 2013

Its been a busy night

DH is away for two days (and one night) at a golfing retreat, and DD is staying over at her boyfriends house so I am home alone,  all but these furry friends.
IMG_0001 Not sure if there is room for me on the bed. 

Well what does a girl do when she is home alone? -  Sew of course.
Marmalade diamonds has been sitting all pinned ready to quilt for a couple of weeks now, so I got an early start and quilted this in an all over stipple.  Taking a break for some take away Indian, I finished it about 10 minutes ago, hand stitching the binding in place.  My shoulders are sore, and I am super sleepy so I think when I clear my bed of furry family members I will be straight to sleep.

marmalade on a chair

This pattern is my version of fresh diamonds designed by Anorina (Samelias mum).  She has an easy to follow tutorial on her blog on how to make this quilt.
I have named my version Marmalade diamonds after the name of the charm packs that I used in the quilt. Marmaldae by Bonnie and Camille.

Marmalade diamonds showing backing


  1. you certainly did not waste your time xx

  2. Beautiful Sue! Lovely finish!

  3. Beautiful and Fresh in Marmalade. Well done. hugs

  4. Love your marmalade quilt... amazing what can be achieved in an empty house!

  5. charm pack squares Sue? ... It really is lovely!

  6. Another lovely quilt, Sue! I clicked on the bedroom photo to have a closer look...4 very spoilt fur children, I see! Lol

  7. Love the quilt Sue... the fabric arrangement is wonderful. Well done and enjoy your time with your fury family. :)

  8. Love your Marmalade diamonds quilt


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