Monday, April 22, 2013

Changing owls

When I went to pin my owl quilt I realised that I did not have a large enough piece of fabric that was quite right for this quilt, so popped into the quilting shop on the way home tonight to get some, and look what happened….

IMG_0031 I found this adorable owl fabric, too cute to use on the back of the owl quilt, so I am going to take off these borders and put the new fabric borders on.  They were just too cute not to have, and matched the owls on the front of the quilt so well.

The green is a flannel that I am going to back it with so it will be lovely and snuggly and matches nicely with the new green borders.  So stay tuned for an updated photo ( when its completed ).

IMG_0032pst…  Dont you agree the new owls are so much nicer?


  1. Oh yes! I can see why you just had to have that fabric! :-)

  2. oh!! well done ... good job you went!! lol x

  3. The new owls are super cute!!

  4. You have an eye to find the most cute owl fabric. It will look awesome on the quilt. Well done!

  5. What a fantastic find!!! They're gorgeous!!!

  6. Oh yes the new owls are gorgeous... Love the idea of the snuggly fannel too.

    Sue I don't know why but you do not appear in my reading list anymore :(


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