Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sickie sewing

I have been battling a head cold for a few days and when the alarm went of this morning at 6.30am I could not get up for work.
So what does a girl do when she is home sick with a cold   ( between napping). well sew of course.
But first there were two fat parcels in my letterbox this morning. My table runner from Maria G had arrived, and it certainly put some sunshine into my day.

Maria G to me
And look at the pretty card, and envelope that came with it.
Thank you Maria, I love it. 

The other fat parcel was my BOM from the FQS, block 11 of the mystery BOM that I am doing with them.  So that gave me something to work on today, Only one more block to go in this 12 month, 12 block project. I love the pin wheel centre of this one

Block 11
I also finished the borders on my pinwheels quilt for the pattern that I am writing, here is how it is looking so far.  The cream borders look quite stark in the photos but they look better in reality, there is a lovely paisley tone on tone print on the fabric.  But for now I have to sit and await the parcel of border fabric that I have ordered to go on this before I can do any more work on it.

centre pin So now what next ?



I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous jelly roll at the Lets get stitched Adelaide quilting retreat and its one of my favourite designers – fig tree.  I have ordered the border fabric (with the pinwheel fabric order) so time to make a start on it.

I have made this sampler quilt twice before and love it, my most recent one was in French General, but my first one was butterscotch and roses for my MIL’s birthday gift and its one of my all time favourite quilts.
But first, some more panadol and a cup of tea.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Productive weekend

I have challenged my self and have started writing my first ever quilt pattern.  Its for the pin wheel quilt that I made in the Lilac Hill range for my friend Rosemary a couple of years ago, and is my own design after being creative with a charm pack.  Stay tuned for the finished product - Lilac hill is the quilt on my blog header, top left.

So on Friday night I got to work on the pin wheels, and I am writing the pattern as I reconstruct the quilt.
Here is half of the 20 I need to make, the rest are in various stages of construction.

This range is called Audras Iris garden and is very similar to the Lilac hill range that I first made this quilt in.

Then on Saturday night I finally finished my cowl neck scarf using the beautiful organic hand dyed wool from August bird.  ( I hate trying to take photos of myself, but as I am home alone today I didn't do too badly).

After I finished the scarf the night was still young so I got the final bit of stitchery done on block 5 of Girls day out..  I really have to get a move on now, as I got the email yesterday that block 1 of Libby's new quilt  a little bit country is being mailed out next week.  I am hosting a stitch-a-long for that one if anyone is interesting in joining in. HERE is the link.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hoot Hoot Hooterville & some table runners to share

I planned to work on this quilt in Friday night with friends, but instead I took advantage of my hubby being planted in front of the TV watching the Anzac day football matches and spent the day in my sewing room.
IMG_0039I am so pleased that I changed the border fabric over to this cheerful green print, so much so that I plan a trip back to the fabric store to get a couple of meters more of this just to keep in my stash for the next time I am asked to make one of these quilts. (this is version #3). 
Here is a close up of my favourite tree.  I love the bird print that I used on this one. I backed it with a lime green flannel to make it nice and snuggly and used a multi colour stripe for the binding.
Last night Jack popped in for tea (with mummy and baby Nate) and it gave me the opportunity to give him his sail boat quilt.  He looks pretty pleased with it.
IMG_0033 And last but by no means least, Here are a few of the table runners that have been made and sent
This one was made by Teresa for Maria
Teresas runnerAnd I am not allowed to tell you who the lucky recipient of this one is (yet)
IMG_0440 And this one was made by Janet for Kelly
Janets runner
This is what Fiona received from Sharon 

FionasPlease let me know when you have sent and / or received your runner so I can mark you off as completed on my roll call.  Also would love to see the pics so please email them to me to share.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Changing owls

When I went to pin my owl quilt I realised that I did not have a large enough piece of fabric that was quite right for this quilt, so popped into the quilting shop on the way home tonight to get some, and look what happened….

IMG_0031 I found this adorable owl fabric, too cute to use on the back of the owl quilt, so I am going to take off these borders and put the new fabric borders on.  They were just too cute not to have, and matched the owls on the front of the quilt so well.

The green is a flannel that I am going to back it with so it will be lovely and snuggly and matches nicely with the new green borders.  So stay tuned for an updated photo ( when its completed ).

IMG_0032pst…  Dont you agree the new owls are so much nicer?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hooterville flimsy completed

Its a very very wet and cold day in Adelaide today,  a good day for sewing.

However before I shut myself away in the sewing room I did do a spot of gardening.  Dad gave me a whole box full of agapanthus from his garden to plant in an area where I cant seem to get anything to grow. (The cats think this part of the garden is their toilet)

So, as it was raining lightly I took my cue to go and dig.  I got so muddy, and then the heavens opened up again and I got soaked to the skin.  But I did get them into the ground.  With the heavy rains today they should live x fingers anyway. IMG_0033 I am pleased to say that I have finished the Hooterville flimsy, this quilt always makes me smile, and its fun to make and I get to use lots from my scrap bin.

Hooterville 3 As we don't’ know if baby will be a boy or a girl I have done it very neutral.  I am going to take a break from it for the rest of the day and work on something else, but will try to get it pinned and quilted during the week.

Here is a close up close hoot

Friday, April 19, 2013

This weeks activities

I have been a busy bee all week, as you know on Monday I completed my Marmalade diamonds quilt.

I was asked by a friend (before Christmas) to make her my Hooterville owl quilt to give her sister when she has a baby, so I had to get a move on with that.  So here is the beginning, 16 appliquéd owls – I still have to give them eyes and feet.  This will be the third version of this quilt that I have made.

IMG_0022 For those of you that don't know, here is what the finished quilt will look  something like. 

hoot quilt[1]

I have also done some knitting on the cowl scarf that I am  making myself and here is how that it looking.  I actually got quite a bit done, and then counted the stitches and realised that it got narrower and narrower and I had lost about 15 stitches, so I had to unpick a good 20cm or so.

IMG_0025 IMG_0026 

My daughter has put her order for one in a rust colour way, so that on my list

There was also a lovely surprise waiting for me when I got home yesterday, a table runner from Jan in my table runner swap.  I am lucky and have two partners in this swap.  Look at the stunning grey and yellow contemporary runner Jan made for me, I think it looks great on my coffee table.

IMG_0023 If you have completed your table runner for this swap email me a pic and I will share it on my blog.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Its been a busy night

DH is away for two days (and one night) at a golfing retreat, and DD is staying over at her boyfriends house so I am home alone,  all but these furry friends.
IMG_0001 Not sure if there is room for me on the bed. 

Well what does a girl do when she is home alone? -  Sew of course.
Marmalade diamonds has been sitting all pinned ready to quilt for a couple of weeks now, so I got an early start and quilted this in an all over stipple.  Taking a break for some take away Indian, I finished it about 10 minutes ago, hand stitching the binding in place.  My shoulders are sore, and I am super sleepy so I think when I clear my bed of furry family members I will be straight to sleep.

marmalade on a chair

This pattern is my version of fresh diamonds designed by Anorina (Samelias mum).  She has an easy to follow tutorial on her blog on how to make this quilt.
I have named my version Marmalade diamonds after the name of the charm packs that I used in the quilt. Marmaldae by Bonnie and Camille.

Marmalade diamonds showing backing

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sewing for swaps

I have spent my time this week sewing my block swap obligations, and my table runner swaps.  I forgot to photograph my block for Amira so I cant show you that, but what I can show you is the table runners that I have made.
After organising the swap partners Jan emailed me as some how I had missed her out – isn’t that terrible of me. But no fear, the pattern that I had for a table runner swap allowed you to make two table runners from one charm pack so whola.

My two partners Jan and Maria will each receive one, and they wont know which one until their parcel arrives.  The charm pack is in lovely rich autumn tones of greens, oranges and browns with some lovely teal as well.  I think its a nice colour scheme as we are in autumn now.
Here is a couple of individual photos of each runner.


I have also been emailed the runner that  has made for Larissa by Mel and  that was posted last week so it should have arrived at its destination by now.  Mel had enough made over to make the runner and a smaller mug rug, so lucky Larissa gets two lovely gifts.

Mel to larissa for Larissa   Just remember if you want to share a picture of the runner that you have made please email it to me and I will be happy to share if for you.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My first April finish

I have been a bit naughty with finishing this one, as the lovely Dawn who co hosts Sew its finished quilted it for me and gave it back to me way back at the beginning of March but I was so slow in getting the binding done. 

All of the little sailboats that make up the quilt were received in the 6 inch block exchange, and I found the cute sail boat fabric to alternate with them.  One lady could not paper piece, so she made me the pretty nautical stars that look almost like a compass and fit in quite well.

The quilting that Dawn did for me is ocean waves, if you look closely you can see them.
I think the anchor binding finishes it off well.  I started this quilt in May 2011 so it certainly counts as a completed UFO taking almost 2 years to complete

 I will be giving this to my 3rd eldest grand son Jack as his Big boy bed quilt.
  It will fit nicely onto a single bed.


Monday, April 1, 2013

My Easter

What a busy weekend I have had, with the highlight today being a family BBQ at home with all of the Grandies ( yep all 7 of them came for lunch).

On Friday DH and I had a lovely seafood lunch with some friends.  On Saturday we got up at 5am to get to the gates of the Oak bank races at 6.30 am for a cooked breakfast in the car park.  It was a lovely day relaxing with a group of friends,  We have been to the Oakbank races every year for 21 years and in all of that time only missed one because that year we holidayed on the Gold Coast at Easter.

Yesterday was my Dads birthday, and dad loves curry, so I spent the day cooking him a feast and enjoyed an evening meal with mum and Dad last night to celebrate his birthday.

And today was Grandchild day.  My daughter Sheree ( Auntie Sheree), is the only of our kids with out babies (yet) and she made her nieces and nephews the cutest bunny Easter baskets for an Easter egg hunt.  The pics say it all.

IMG_0085Paige finds some eggs in the HydrangeasIMG_0086 Leo proudly shows a bunny that he has found.


Look Mitchell, there is an egg in the bush


Jack found some in with the pansies

IMG_0089 Ziva found one in the mint

IMG_0090 Look at the baskets that Sheree made ( blue for boys and pink for the girls)

IMG_0091  Say Cheese Jack IMG_0092 It was a fun day, and now they have all gone home I can relax

On the sewing front – well, there has hardly been any.  I have almost completed block 6 of the GDO quilt, and have drawn up and completed the appliqué on block 7 ready for stitching this weekend. 

I have also pinned my Marmalade diamonds quilt ready for quilting, and I have cut the binding ready to stitch onto the little sailboats quilts so there are two quilts almost ready to tick of the UFO pile.

I have started knitting my scarf as well – while I was relaxing at Oakbank.