Sunday, March 24, 2013

The culprit… the sunshine

A few weeks ago I shared with you my blocks all nicely set up on my sewing room floor ready for me to stitch together, and how I then found them the next morning all messed up.
Well here is the culprit……

All stretched out enjoying the morning sun on my cutting table.  And as you can see he is lying on the small pile of fabric that is on my cutting table.  I normally try not to leave fabric on here because of his recent frequent visits as I don’t like black cat hair on my quilts.
This is the project that I was working on last night.

Its hard to tell from the photo but it is a quilted bag, from a kit that I purchased from one of the shops we visited on the lets get stitched weekend in Adelaide.  I have only previously made a couple of structured bags, so get a bit mixed up with the directions.  The pink check is the stitchery pocket on the front of the bag.

As you can see from the inside, I layered the pieced outer bag section with batting and quilted it in a cross hatch pattern  like the pattern told me to, what I didn’t realise is that at this point I should have not also quilted the lining as this is put in later to turn through.  So, now I have wasted a pretty piece of cream fabric I need to make a new lining.  Ah well, its a lesson learnt. 

There was enough of the outer fabric in the kit to make two bags, with me only needing to use my own lining, so maybe I will also make one for mum.

On another note, I was very excited when I clicked in my inbox this morning as I have sold my second quilt on Etsy.  This was the jelly roll sampler one in French general fabrics, and like my last sale this has been sold to someone in the US.

Now I have some cash in my pay pal account to spend yippee !!  Yesterday I was reading Karen’s blog, sew well maide  and she was showing us some lovely yarn and knitting patterns which I drooled over.  Guess I will now go shopping and purchase some to knit myself a new cowl scarf for winter.
This is the one that took my fancy.



  1. The bag is looking lovely... what a shame about using up that nice fabric which won't be seen.... I am working on a bag too and also getting a bit confused. Was it easy to set up an Etsy thing... I have been thinking about it but not very courageous on things like that.... would love some thoughts if you have time...

  2. Congrats on the sale of your quilt! Love the shot of your cat. We had a black cat for a long time (21 years) but I wasn't quilting when she was alive. I know what you mean about the black fur, cat fur is so hard to get off!

  3. Sue, I think we all have learned at least some of the skills the hard way :) Are you going to unpick all that quilting? The only way I can think of is to leave the bag "tall" like that, put a binding around the top, and use it to store tall things in your sewing room, such as freezer paper roll, or maybe even rulers or a sewing project. xx debbie

  4. I am sure he was "stitched-up"!! as if he would disrupt your fabric!! lol x well done with selling your quilt x

  5. The best lessons learnt are sometimes the ones we learn after having done it the wrong way, lol! Needless to say, I'm sure you'll make sure the lining is done seperately everytime you make bags from now on ;) (shh! I did this my first time too!! lol!) The bag looks fantastic Sue!! ... Congratulations on the etsy purchase!! That's fabulous!!


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