Friday, March 15, 2013

My week.. and a new project

My sewing room was starting to become a real mess, so I set myself the task of making it tidy, and pretty
I love how its looking now, do you want to see?…
This is the shelves that my WIP’s were piled on, and I have them all in pretty boxes now.  There is also a box full of ribbons and one with a lot of my note cards received in block exchanges stored in it.

Here is my fabric stash, with my old singer on the top. I try to buy most of my fabric in half yards (at the least) and store it on comic cards as they are acid free, and it looks like a mini quilting shop.  In front of the sewing machine I have displayed some of the pretty pin cushions I have had sent to me as gifts.  To the right of that are some jelly rolls and fat quarter stacks.

Further down this shelving is my boxes of fat quarters and scraps sorted in colour order.  You can see the shelf to the right before I purchased the boxes.  I have popped some magazines in the shelf, and large pieces of fabric for backing and things and batting are stored in the larger cubes on the bottom shelf. I have lost some of the baskets that used to be on the wicker stand but you can see a fabric one, this is where I toss my selvidges, and the front of this fabric box is made with -  well..... selvidges.

Above where I sit is a shelf that was chockablock with magazines that I rarely look through, so I am giving a who lot of them away, this made room for my button jars on the shelf. 

Below the shelf is my reels of cotton.  

This week I have been working on a new quilt, with charm squares, and tonight I have finished trimming down the HST’s – such an arduous chore.  But now that’s done I can enjoy the fun of piecing this together.

 cut hsq
It is so much more productive ( and nicer)  to work in an organised space, and I have two days ahead of me for sewing bliss.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend doing what you love too.


  1. Lovely to have your sewing room so well sorted... it looks lovely ... and so does your new project...

  2. WOW a nice clean, tidy and pretty area just like you wanted! Well done and yes your right it is nice, clean and pretty!!! :)

  3. I am impressed x I keep threatening to tidy my sewing room ... bit how will I ever find anything!! lol x

  4. The contents of my sewing space are all over the floor as I decided I needed to re arrange and sort ... bad move on my behalf! lol Your room looks so organised now and a new project is always fun, enjoy. Love the new header :o) hugs

  5. Well done Sue! You are an inspiration to people such as me who have an awful muddle in their sewing room!


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