Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Delicious berries


How delicious is this wool… it arrived in the post today from august bird.  I found their website via Karen of Sew well Maide.  As the wool is local from the Adelaide Hills it felt good to support a local.  It is organic hand dyed 100% merino.


It is so incredibly soft, I cant wait to knit it up into a cowl scarf.
It reminds me of a big punnet of berries
Its a bit warm for knitting today, a hot windy 39 degrees, so will probably take the dogs for a swim later this evening.


  1. Oh I wish I could knit as I want one exactly the same as that wool is beautiful. hugs

  2. Oooh!! Yummy!!! ... Might have to lok them up! I do love to knit every once in a while ... Have you worked out what you plan to use this gorgeousness in? x

  3. That's beautiful yarn Sue! Yes your part of the world does sound a bit hot for knitting at the moment!

  4. gorgeous colour you chose..


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