Sunday, March 24, 2013

A pretty finish

Recently at a quilting retreat I noticed that a lot of the ladies has quilted bags – and although I have made a  few bags, I have never made myself one.

So I bought a kit and over the past week have made this for…… Me.

bag 1


The bag is made up of 2 inch squares, with an appliqué heart with stitchery flowers on the front pocket.  Now next time I go on a quilting retreat I will have a bag too.


  1. The pink looks fantastic! I enjoy making bags too and my fave one is getting threadbare so I need to take time to make one for myself. I was so inspired by your machine blanket stitching that I have done a little prep today to see if I can do it too. xx debbie

  2. Your bag looks great...I track quilters in crowds by checking out their bags! Even more fun at quilt shows.

  3. Wow Sue - you've been super busy lately!!! Did you pick up some of Narelle's energy, or are you just as energised and focussed yourself? This bag is lovely!! I love the fabrics you've used it in!! xx

  4. it looks good ... and even better that it is for ...YOU x enjoy

  5. That is awesome Sue... great finish...

  6. That's beautiful Sue! Love the fabrics that you used too :-)


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