Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Sunday morning

Jack spent the night with us, as his mummy is busy having his little brother so we are all super excited.

Its going to be really hot today, so we took the chance to go to the beach early.


Some body knitted and crocheted a jacket for one of the sculptures – so Jack did some exploring



Then it was onto the beach for a swim



After a cool down in the water we had some breakfast



I also decided to get my act together last night and get one of my UFO’s completed.

This one is the Henrietta's whiskers BOM and all I had to do was pin it and quilt it



Its about 1/3 way through and I will work on this in between entertaining Jack while we wait for his brother to arrive.

Stay tuned for the good news


  1. Oh how exciting for you!!!! All baby bits in the correct place is all we ask isn't it! Still a baby brother for Jack... and a new GS for you both! WooHoo! :)

  2. Jack is such a cutie.... and looking forward to hearing baby brother has arrrived.... and of course seeing the finished quilt!

  3. What an exciting time for you. In the meantime jack will keep you busy I'm sure. Hugs.......

  4. Hope your new grandson arrives safe and sound! Thought it might have been something like that when we didn't see you at the meetup today. We even had an excursion to The Mallee Tree quilt shop which opened just for us - not good for the wallet! Best wishes for the new bub and hugs for his big brother to be!

  5. I'm super excited for you! And the rest of your family of course.

  6. Phew hope the hospital is super dooper air conditioned, or how else is that special grandchild on the way going to enjoy its quilt!


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