Monday, February 11, 2013

I am in love

With Paris Flea market fabric…………….

I ooh’ed and aah’ed when this package arrived today from Shabby fabrics.

I bought it because I loved it, and now I need to find a new project to use all of this yummy fabric with. 

They are selling this by fat quarter sets and i purchases the rouge set (reds), the ballet slippers set (pink ) and the Lemon Veranda set (lemon and green).

They also had a blue set but I decided that I didn’t need that one.  Well we gotta stop somewhere.

paris flea market

I am thinking of saving it for the new Libby Richardson quilt that is launched in May

A little bit of country

here is a sneaky peak at that one ( she said it was ok to share it with you).

a little bit Country - Block one

My six inch blocks also arrived today from Margaret and she spoilt me with 4 of them.

As not many of you look at the 6 inch blog I wanted to share them with you as they are so darn cute

Margaret blooms

Now my little sail boats quilt is at Dawns house being quilted, this is my next 6 inch block project.

I have requested pink blooms with a dark base getting lighter to the top on a green background.  This quilt is going to be so pretty.


  1. Oh such yummy fabrics and they will look fantastic with that quilt pattern...
    Your 6" blocks are gorgeous.. Can't wait to see the quilt...

  2. The fabrics are gorgeous. Your pink blooms blocks are lovely too. Hugs......

  3. Beautiful fabrics. I am finding them very hard to resist but I must :) hugs

  4. I truly understand your love for the fabric! They will look great in that quilt.
    The bloom blocks will be beautiful in a quilt!

  5. Oooh - Paris Flea Market is stunning! Love the sneak peak of A Little Bit Country (though I really mustn't start another project!!).

  6. Oh me too Sue..I am still drooling over them. They are so gorgeous. Happy creating. Lovely blocks too.


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