Friday, February 15, 2013

Blame it on the weather.

This week I have not had a lot of sewing motivation.

When I am at work I day dream about all the projects I want to work on, either finishing or starting new ones, but in the evening when I relax I don’t have the same motivation.

  It has been a hot week, and today its muggy with thunderstorms forecast so lets blame it on the weather.

I have done some hand stitching on my girls day out quilt, albeit not a lot  and had a mini finish so I guess its not that bad

I am playing along with Cheryl and have joined her mini quilt club, 


this month we are making mini quilts to celebrate St Patricks day in March.

Now I don’t even know who am going to be sending this to – it could be you.



I started this last weekend and have quilted it and bound it this afternoon.   See my little free motion shamrocks I am pretty proud of them



  1. Lovely mini.... someone is going to be lucky!


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