Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In for a busy year - my UFO pile

The New Year is always time to reflect and set new goals, and plan.  Its like the slate is wiped clean.

For me the New Year means making a promise to myself do get more of these UFOs completed. 

You see, I love piecing quilts and applique, but I really don't like the pinning, and am a bit so so about the quilting (mainly because I get sore shoulders when I quilt).  BUT..... I have set goals for this year.

Rather than list my UFO pile, I am putting them in photo form so I can revert back to this and re challenge myself.

First cab off the rank is the Wagon quilt,  I am making this for my new baby grandson that is due in February, so there is a time frame on this one.  Here it is, half way through the quilting process so this will be finish # 1 for 2013

Wagon wheel

Then I plan to get this one finished as the top is complete, all that needs to be done is the quilt sandwich, quilting and then some embellishments.  This was a free online BOM in 2010/11 so well and truly deserves to be up there on the list.

Henrietta's whiskers
Next is one that I started in 2010, and its all hand applique, there really isn't a lot left to do, and its going to be a wall hanging.  I just don't know why I have not dug it out.  So now, its moved into the hatbox that houses my embroidery threads and is sitting in the living room to pick up when I am watching TV.
Great Australian Tea party

Next in line is the little sailboat quilt made from blocks collected in the 6 inch block swap group.  I have not laid it all out yet, but reckon that I am pretty close to getting enough blocks to complete this.  So it really only needs to be put together and have some borders put on it.

Little sailboats
This one is stunning, and I don't know why I have not put it together, I have the border fabric, which has to be mitred, maybe that's why as its a little challenging, I then need to quilt this, all of the hard work of the applique has been done
Adelaide floral sampler
 Here is my Achilles heel, the Farmers wife quilt.  What a huge challenge I took on with this one.   
I had to put it away as all of those little templates were driving me insane.  You have to print the templates out, then cut them out on templastic and trace them to stitch them together.  I have also ran out of ink in my printer so could not do anymore templates.  As a result this is down the list, maybe in winter when I have more sewing time I will get back onto this project. I am over the half way mark.

Farmers wife quiltalong
This is the centre of a quilt that I started using a charm pack, Blueberry crumb cake - to get this one completed I have placed an order for some of the yardage in this range to put more borders on,  its going to be a lap quilt.

I also have to piece together my Yellow, black and white sampler quilt from the QBSA group, grey border fabric ordered for that one.

Last but not least is the Fat quarter shops mystery BOM, that I started last June.  Block 7 arrived in my letterbox today, so I shall get to work on that one probably this weekend.

And what new projects do I have in the pipeline?  Well, its been a long time since I have done a quilt with a lot of stitchery, so I have joined up on this project.  I just need to find the patterns somewhere (I am sure I can get them online). 

I have also been asked by a friend to make her sister who is expecting another of my Owl quilts, base fabric and border fabric purchased for that one, so will get a start on that soon enough.
I don't have any other "plans" for this year, but without a doubt I know there will be a few new ones started as we work through 2013


  1. I have just emailed you a link for the pattern :o)

    1. Awesome, thanks Sharon. have just clicked on this and ordered it, cant wait to get started.

  2. Looks like you've got a bit to keep you busy this year!

  3. Good luck with your UFO's.
    I have joined "Sew it's Finished" for the past two years as you have to list the UFO's and them mark them off as you go.
    Will ake a list and join in again this year.
    Love your new background..

  4. Good luck with those projects Sue. I know you can do it! :)

  5. Sounds like a good idea. I too have a new technique for finishing UFOs,WIPs and BOMs this year. Posting that tomorrow.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  6. Looks like a very busy start to the year. Hope 2013 is wonderful for you.

  7. Good for decree to you is: Finish 2, start 1, then finish 1..start 1..finish 2..start 1....oh to heck with it...just go the way you plan,,that's the best..will be watching..

  8. My goodness what a lot of 'quilting loveliness' you have there Sue...all look beautiful even in the unfinished stage :-)

  9. What lovely UFO's! I love the Great Australian Tea Party - I have a similar looking pattern that I don't dare start until I finish some other projects!


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