Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keeping busy

What to do while I await the delivery of the fabric for the owl quilt - sew more strips of course, and boy did I sew a lot of strips.

Here is how many I have done now.....
Not to mention about 10 half blocks and 8 quarter blocks.  Each quarter block is 8 inches square, just to give you some perspective on how big this is.  I have actually made a real dent in my strip scraps and need to save some more before I can make any more blocks.  I have lots of short bits, but not enough of the longer pieces that make up the central diagonal piece as they are 12 inchs long.  If anyone has strips that they dont think they will use send them my way lol.

I have decided to position the blocks in a diagonal rainbow effect after being inspired by the quilt that Janet has made HERE  Check out the moose eating her petunias too.  I have never seen a moose, but Janet tells me that she has never met a kangaroo.

And yesterday it arrived YAY

So until late last night I was stitching on owls, owl wings and owl feet.  By the end of it I was too bug eyed to even think about the owl eyes and beaks, so that may happen tonight.

Well I better get a move on, I do have to go to work today after all.  Have a lovely week everyone

Friday, October 26, 2012

My week, and owl quilt part 2

I was really hoping for a delivery of fabric today so I could spend some quality time in my sewing room on the owl quilt but no such luck - my Mystery BOM did however arrive so I can at least work on that.

So, the only progress I have made on the owl quilt this week is the hourglass blocks for the inner border

I spent some time knitting and made another poodle scarf, this time in pink

and TA DA.................

I finished my 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle

And before I go I wanted to show you the gorgeous bunch of teeny tiny roses I found in coles today, I could not resist purchasing them, they have a very delicate scent and are oh so pretty.

So not much to share sewing wise, but I have a few things in mind to work on over the weekend so who knows what you will end up seeing next week from me.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Putting on my angel hat

In my quilting group I have Guardian angels, their role is to make a block for some one that has been let down in a swap, or to make a thinking of you block for some one that has fallen on hard times, or is ill for example.

In September I launched my inaugural cushion swap, a swap I plan to run quarterly.  16 ladies took up the challenge and we have seen some amazing cushions.  On the weekend I was chasing up the last few that are running late and unfortunately one of the ladies in this swap has fallen on hard times and is unable to complete this swap.  So I have put on my angel hat and made this cushion for her.

Her partner requested any cushion suitable for a rocking chair in light greens.  I decided on a traditional Ohio star pattern for the cushion in some pretty green fabrics.  It will be posted to Ruth in the USA in tomorrows mail.

I will be putting a post on in December for a roll call for the next cushion swap to be run in January next year so stay tuned for that one.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Feeling snippy

Do you ever wake up and for no reason at all feel snippy?  That happened to me today, and I don't know why.  DH and I had a lovely dinner last night at a friends house, good company, good food and nice wine.  Then this morning we took a walk along the beach and had breakfast at a cafe - all lovely, and my son and his wife with grandchildren Leo and Ziva are coming over this afternoon for a BBQ tea. 

So why do I feel all wound up and snippy? Probably hormonal, even though I no longer have to endure the lady blues I guess we still feel like this now and then.

So for no reason, other than I have to keep busy I pulled the entire contents out of my linen closet and had a big sort out.

This is what it looked like before ..............

This is what it looks like now............
Much better.  I threw away old pillowcases that don't match sheet sets, I even still had single bed sheets from when my daughter was a little girl and we don't have a single bed in the house.

This is the cupboard next to my linen closet, it has all array of "stuff" in there.  Photo albums, platters, old computer bits and bobs, Christmas decorations and you cannot see the top shelf in this pic but it is stacked high with board games and jigsaw puzzles. 

Maybe I will tackle this cupboard next weekend.

Speaking of jigsaw puzzles, remember this one, I started it ages ago and it is proving to be a real challenge, but I am getting there.

Well, I better get in the kitchen and make a few salads for tea. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The making of an Owl quilt - part 1

I am itching to get started on my first consignment, but I patiently have to await for mr Postman to deliver the fabric.

While I wait I decided there were a few parts of this quilt that I could start on,

Last night I traced out 16 owl bodies
16 sets of wings, 16 sets of feet, 16 pairs of eyes and 16 beaks.  Its a bit hard to see but it was a mammoth job.

Tonight I fused the shapes onto some bright fabric and whola, now we have 16 owl bodies.  I have also fused and cut out the wings, but did forget to photograph that - so you will have to wait to see when it all gets put together.  I am not sure about the blue one with the flower on it, may have to re do him. I am not using orange in the owls as I have orange for their feet, and a small red spot for their beaks.

I could not decide which fabric I wanted for the back ground fabric, so I chose these two and will play around with them when it arrives, this is one of them.
And this is the other one. 

 On my original owl quilt I had a white with confetti flakes in reds, blues, yellows and greens, so I think the one below with the little flowers may work best, and I can use the dots for the binding. What do you all think - now you have seen my owl bodies?

Monday, October 15, 2012

My first consignment

I am excited, I have my first ever order to make a quilt for some one, and get paid for making it, yippee.  One of the ladies that DH works with has ordered the Hooterville quilt that I made some time ago for my grandchildren.  She has requested this for one of her grand daughters as a Christmas gift.

This is the quilt I have made, and the order is for it to be made in predominantly pinks and aquas with a good other mix of colours thrown in.  I had lots of fun shopping online for an owl print for the border and found this one.............

I think it will work really well with some hot pink, bright aqua and apple green owls to make tie the border fabric in.  This was on a really cool website that I came across called Bug Fabric
They have a fantastic range of children's prints and some of the most unusual fabrics I have ever seen, like peacock feathers, and texture prints like bricks and grass or sky.  check it out.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pretty pillows

Another cushion is on its journey, this one was made for ?????????????/ and its on its way from Chantell, isnt it lovely.  Only 3 more to go, and we are done.

The next cushion swap will be run in January after we have got all of the Christmas festivities out of the way, so stay tuned for more details on that in the coming months.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A couple more cushions to show

The bar has been lifted high on the cushion swap, look a the next two beauties both paper pieced

The first one is from Carin and is being sent to??  Aren't those butterflies amazing !

This gorgeous tulip was made by Annette and is being sent to ????

And this one has arrived so I can now tell you that it was made for Cheryll by Pat.  And how fabulous was it that it arrived in Cherylls letterbox on her birthday.

There are still a few to come from Raelene, Ruth, Bobbie and Chantell, but the ladies have let me know that they are running late and we should be seeing their creations soon.

Knitting scarves

I am so lucky that my Nanny taught me how to knit and crochet as a little girl, a skill I have passed onto my daughter and cant wait to teach my grand daughters.  There is nothing better than snuggling up with a big ball of wall to start a new project.

My MIL introduced me to this fabulous loopy yarn that you can knit an amazing scarf with just one ball, and in an evening.

I have bought 5 balls, in 5 different colours and over the past two evenings have completed the first two.  The pics of me are terrible, it is so hard to take a good photo of yourself (lol)  I think I might wear the blue one today .

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Candy necklace - completed UFO

I decided that before I started any new projects I needed to get a UFO done, and since I had a piece of batting in my cupboard the right size for this one it would find its way from a flimsy to a finish today.

With most of my larger quilts I tend to quilt in the ditch around the pattens and do stipple on the borders however I thought this one would look good with stipple all over.  This was the first time I had done this on a large quilt, and I found it surprisingly easy, starting at the centre block and winding my way out.

I made this in a range of fabrics called Dogwood roses which I purchased from Fabric direct in a set.  The white background has a small floral sprig design and is a nice crisp white. 

The pattern was featured Homespun magazine and was called trinket boxes by the designer who used quite rich exotic prints in her version.  However in the colour way I have used to make this quilt I think it looks like the edible candy necklaces that I used to have as a child hence the name I have given to my version. 

I love the pretty pattern of this quilt including the Seminole border.  I think it would look in many different colour ways.

The quilt is backed in cream sheeting, and as I did not have enough of any one of the prints for the binding, I have made this using half pink and half green of the larger of the dog wood rose prints

Friday, October 5, 2012

A few little quilts

I am making a few small quilts, I am popping them in my Etsy shop and keeping some as gifts as a few babies are on the way with the girls at work.

Here is an owl quilt I designed and completed this week.  I decided to make this after receiving the cute owl border fabric in a fabric bundle from fabric worm.

I have named this quilt Zany owls

I have also made a set of Teddy quilts in different colourways, again these little quilts are of my own design.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday treasures

I am linking up with Melody in Tuesday treasures

I treasure a nice cup of tea, and look at the beautiful gift I received from a friend today that has just arrived home from a holiday in London.

Liz is English (like me) and her husband Herve is French.  My husband was friends with Herve and his brothers Eric and Xavier in school when they first moved to Australia and spoke little English.  My husbands family are French Egyptians and he was able to communicate with the three brothers and helped them settle into their new school.  He has remained friends with them since this day.

This is a beautifully crafted chest of tea from Harrods, there are six different teas to try, and I have just made one to enjoy as my nightcap. This was a thank you gift as we babysat their little pooch Bella while they were holidaying in London visiting Liz's father who is now 87.

Here is Bella while she was staying with us we took her on a visit to the pooch parlor as our Boys were going, so she joined in the fun.  I think Bella will miss Billy and Robbie, her new doggie friends, but she was very excited to see mummy and daddy when we dropped her home.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday in the city

Today was our labour day holiday, and DH and I had the whole day together, a rarity with us both being in real estate.

We are off to see a movie tonight in gold class, but spent the day in Rundle Mall doing a bit of retail therapy.  The plan was for it to be "just us" but when Nicole rang at 8 this morning and asked if we could have Jack for the day it became three.  Then Jess rang to see what we were doing as her hubby had to work today and three became seven with Jess,  Mitchell, and the twins Paige and Connor joining in.

I took the camera to show my interstate and overseas friends our main shopping Mall in Adelaide, Rundle Mall. 

The beautiful Adelaide arcade, I love the lace work and ceiling

I love the tiling too

DH pushing Jack to meet Jess (shops not open yet),
You can just see the Malls Balls in the centre of the Mall

the Rundle Mall copper pigs

The three boys having lunch in the city cross arcade

Jack having a baby chino after saying bye to his cousins
(frothy milk with chocolate)