Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Look what my hubby found

Now my DH is not one for bringing home rubbish, or others cast of items, but look what he spotted out on the side of  the street for hard rubbish collection.

Now it needs a good clean up, and the varnish on the oak case is flaking off but I am pretty happy with the find.  I have a couple of weeks off over Christmas so I plan to give this a good clean and maybe I will plug it in and see if it works. 

I saw that it had some serial numbers on it, so I was curious of its age, and found a website that lists all of the production dates based on serial numbers.  My new (old machine) has two numbers one on the base of the machine (you can see it in the top photo- in brass I can date this one to 1941. and that it was made in Scotland. 

Interestingly the serial number on the motor dates it to 1945 and says that it was made in Australia, but reading up on this the website explains that production stopped over the war years, so many machines have two stamps on them, one for when production started and one for when it was completed.  My guess is that the motor was added later, as the war would have made it possible to motorise what may have been a treadle machine in its initial design.

My other lucky find this week was on eBay, I am a bit of a nut for old buttons, button tins and cotton reels, and managed to win the bid on this.

Inside were lots of goodies, old buttons on cards, old glass buttons and metal buttons as well as a few accessories.  I am in heaven.


  1. What a treasure your DH has brought home for you... Nice old button tin too.

  2. What a lucky find. you DH has a good eye. It seems you've received an early xmas present.

  3. That sewing machine looks similar to the one my mum bought after she left the army in 1945 :-) I've still got that machine too!

  4. Great find - how lucky for you

  5. Your hubby is definately a "keeper" ;) ! He has upped the stakes though now....whats he going to get you for Christmas! I cannot believe that someone would throw a machine away, but most of the machines we use at my charity group came from hard rubbish salvages!


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