Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Cooking

Not much sewing (actually none) has happened in the last couple of days as I have been chained to my kitchen

We are hosting the family on Christmas night ( Christmas lunch is at my DD # 3's house - Nicole), but I have all of the rest of the family for tea, something we have done now for about 12 years.

Tea is a simple affair of nibbles and bring a plate to share fare,  I am sharing lots of plates,
The menu is ...
Home made sausage rolls
 And onion tarts, I have also made some little pastry cases to fill with pesto and a cherry tomato but I will fill them before serving so they don't get soggy.
Tomorrow I have to make Thai chicken balls and a rice salad .
There is also a turkey roll that I will precook and serve cold on a bed of crisp lettuce with mixed greens and cranberry salad.  I also have a large ham on the bone to slice.

The sweets are..

For the littlies.
Ginger bread men - of course

and Chocolate dipped shortbread

 For the big kids there is...
Chocolate licorice slice and hazelnut slice (with shortbread base and white choc topping - yum)

As well as chocolate drizzled shortbread trees.  Sheree also made some Apricot balls, but I forgot to photograph them.
I have the base of a jelly slice chilling in the fridge which is the last of the sweet treats.  Fresh fruit is a plenty   There will be some lovely fresh Berenberg Strawberries, we are so lucky in South Australia to have the Berenberg farm here, their world famous jams are served on Qantas flights and in many major hotels all around the world, and we can go there and pick our own strawberries.

I also have some lovely Christmas cherries, and juicy fresh watermelon.

It was 41 degrees Celsius in Adelaide today  - to hot to even step out side for a minute, and with the oven on all day its lucky for us that we have air conditioning.  I should have just popped the shortbread outside and baked it there lol.


  1. Looks like a great menu!!! ... We'll be having our family dinner tomorrow night, as that is the evening the majority of those @ home will be here for ... then my sister & I will have a quiet evening @ home, Christmas day, with a roast turkey breast & veges - yum!! ... Is strawberry picking season still on atm? I can imagine that the fresh-picked berries must be so much sweeter than the ones we get up here, this time of year! ... 41 degrees sounds horrible!! Hoping you were cool enough in the house with all that baking - air conditioning doesn't seem to help much when I get into a baking mode as extensive as you've shown here! :) Here's hoping the weather will cool off for you later in the week!!! Happy Christmas!! Hugs!

  2. Merry Christmas, glad you survived the heat! Hmmm feeling hungry now l have seen those sausage rolls!

  3. You certainly have been busy, not long to go and you will be able to sit back and relax have a fantastic Christmas


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