Monday, December 17, 2012

Are you chicken?

For about two years now I have been saving chook fabric.

My first ever quilt was called roosting roosters, and I made this in country fabrics and checks, and it still sits on the sofa in my living room.

Some time after making this I thought about making a chook quilt in chook fabric, and thats when my quest to save as many chook fabrics as I could began.

Finally the quilt has begun.  Here are the first two blocks ( I have not sewn on the button eyes yet), but you can see how cute this will be,

As you can see, the blocks will either be check with a chicken in chicken pattern or a check chook on a chicken fabric, (try saying that fast)

Below is a close up of the yellow one, this cute chook print was a Birthday gift from the lovely Cheryll, of Gone stitchin.  The green check is left over from my first quilt.

All of the chooks have their crowns in red check, and their heads are either in brown check or green check. 
The pattern does not have the blocks sashed, but I am not sure about that, I tend to like sashing between my blocks, what do you think of that?  I would be interested to know.

The centre block will feature a chicken coop,

This will be a project for me over my Christmas holidays.


  1. I was tongue tied reading about your checked chooks..LOL.
    Would put sashing between the checked chooks/chooks checked ???? But not checks..

  2. P.S My DD2 said "How checked chooks are checking this Christmas"

  3. Oh, they are so lovely.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  4. What a lovely pattern. I had been collecting chook fabric, but only used it in my I spy quilts, so it is now surplas. If you would like some just email me with your snail mail address and the size you want them cut and I will post you some. I look forward to seeing this quilt progress.

  5. So pleased you liked my chook fabric... and your chook quilt will be wonderful!!!! EnJoY!
    Merry Christmas :)

  6. I have lots of chook fabric and country checks as well. Loved country when I started to quilt and still do though I have not made anything with country fabrics in a while. Your quilt will be lovely, look forward to seeing more blocks. Hugs....

  7. Cute chookies! I think you won't know for sure about sashing until you have a few more blocks but you might need a plain sashing to balance out the busy-ness of the chooks and checks. Any chook lover will love it!


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