Saturday, November 10, 2012

To market - To market

To buy a fat quilt.

One of my besties, Gill held a market style fundraiser for a friend that is raising money for Cancer research for the Flinders Medical centre in South Australia. 

The fundraiser was a market, and I was invited to be a stall holder and selling my quilts.  The market was held in Gills house, and 50 or so ladies were invited to shop.  I have never had a market stall before so this was a first for me, and this is how it looked.

I didnt sell any quilts BUT I did get two orders for custom made items,  One for a pair of slippers as the lady was a size larger than the biggest pair I had, and the other for  ...... drum roll..  
...  Yes, another Owl quilt. 


  1. All those items of yours look so lovely, Sue!

  2. I'm not surprised. The owl quilt is stunning and owls are very popular at the moment.


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