Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Owl quilt - part 5

I hope you are not getting sick of seeing this grow. 

On the weekend I added the borders and pinned the quilt together (my least favourite job), and last night I began the quilting process in the centre border and Uh OH.  I ran out of white quilting cotton.  I always have a spare reel on hand, but must have used it without realising I had.  Nevermind, a visit to the Bernina dealer today ( buy 5 and get one free) and three rolls of white, one of black, one of taupe and one in yellow and I can get on with the job later tonight. (I topped up my stash of quilting cottons)

So, last night, this was as far as I could go. Its hard to photograph with the quilting showing up, so I took a pic of the back of the quilt as the quilting shows up better..  I also forgot to take a photo of the front with the borders on, so you will have to wait till the quilting is completed to see that - it looks lovely, even if I do say so myself.

Here is block 5 on the Fat quarter shops mystery BOM.  Forgive the photo, it was pinned on my design board and a bit crooked.  I had to get cracking and get this block done as block 6 is due in the mail any day soon.

This was probably the most complicated block so far, but with careful cutting and piecing it all fits together nicely.  Trouble is, this one measures about 1/2 inch too big, so depending on how it looks when I stitch it in, I may have to remake this one again or try and trim it down some how.


  1. Lovely block. What a shame to run out of cotton when you were on a roll. Hugs.....

  2. How annoying to run out of cotton so close to the end.

  3. Gorgeous block, I hope you don't have to make it again

  4. Running out of thread is frustrating - especially when you think you have a back-up. Your block is beautiful!!

  5. No way would I get sick of reading about your quilt's progress! I love the progress with the quilting but it must have been frustrating for you to run out of thread :-( That block is lovely too BTW!


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