Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making an owl quilt - part 3

The owls are finished.. here they are all piled up next to my sewing machine ( a bit of a mess, I know)

 The pupils for the owl eyes are just the eyelet stitch on my sewing machine, they all look a bit crossed eyed lol.

I also finished the centre panel today, unfortunately I did not purchase enough of the little floral fabric that I used on the owls for the centre, not sure how that happened, I must have read the instructions wrong. But the saving grace was I had a spot print with pink, Green, yellow and red spots which matched the colours on the flowers and DH agreed that it would be ok for the centre. 

This quilt is being made for one of the ladies that works with him, so I am involving him in the decision making.  The other decision he helped me on was the colour of the trees.  The original pattern (and the one like this I made last time) has four green trees, all in a different green print.  But I had this bird print in pink and green and as the quilt is for a little girl he agreed that it was ok to have pink and green trees, I think the bird print is cute.

 We are off to the movies tomorrow night with some friends to see Argo,it has received good reviews so I am looking forward to that.  I have to work on Saturday :(   BUT I do get to babysit Leo and Ziva overnight on Saturday night as my son and his wife are off to a wedding.

This means that there will be no stitching from me until Sunday.  And of course my plan then is to attach the owls to the inner border on this quilt.  I think, all going well I should get the outer border done too, so then its just the quilt pinning and quilting to go.

Footnote: After I loaded the pics, I noticed that the centre yellow and pink hourglass block is wonky, so I will unstich that one and replace it.


  1. Looking good Sue..
    I can't see the block being wonky.
    May need new glasses or just go to bed...
    Sounds like a fun busy weekend planned.

  2. They look fabulous, especially the owls great idea using the eyelet stitch for pupils.

  3. It's going to be gorgeous Sue. The new owner will love it! :)

  4. Great idea using eyelet stitch for the eyes, must remember that. I love the pink and green trees :)

  5. Its looking great. I love the owls' eyes and the pink and green trees look fine to me!


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