Thursday, November 29, 2012

Registrations open for the 2013 cushion swap.

What fun we had last time, and what amazing cushions were created.
  Want to join in the fun in 2013?
Simply email me to
or leave a comment on this post to join in. 

The details you need to leave me are:

Your name
If you are not a member of QBSA please email me, so I can contact you.
What room you would like a cushion for and
what colours you would like it made in.

Sue Belleli
blue and brown

I will be closing registrations by December 15th and sending out your partners shortly after this. 

You will have until 30th January 2013 to make and send your cushion to your partner which is 6 weeks.  It is over the Festive season so please think carefully about whether you will have the time to commit to making your partner a cushion.

As before this will be a secret squirrel swap so the person that you make the cushion for, will not be the same person that is making a cushion for you.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A jolly fellow

A friends of mine purchased this panel of jolly Ol' Santa and asked me to make her a wall hanging from it.  Now I am always up for a challenge and enjoyed playing around with the quilting lines on this.  Its like dot to dot on a sewing machine.

After the quilting was complete, I trimmed the batting and simply folded the top fabric over the edges to form a hem.  At the top I simply made a tube for slipping in a hanging rod. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ta Dah ! Owl quilt is complete

Finally I have completed the Owl quilt, after hand stitching the binding on last night.

I am really happy with how it has turned out, and cant wait to give it to Rosemary who is gifting this to her Grand daughter for Christmas.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sewing slippers

I received an order for a pair of my slippers from the market stall at my friends Gills house.

Caitlin ordered them in an egg shell blue, and I used this fabric that I had in my stash which is by Will&Grace - so pretty.  I made the rosettes from a french general fat quarter and topped it with pearl buttons from my vintage button collection.

Now onto making my Christmas quilting block swap block.  Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last night DH and I went to Adelaide central markets.  There was a time when we used to go here once a fortnight on a Friday night to get our fresh fruit and veggies as well as an array of other treats.

As you ride down the escalator from the parking area you can smell a myriad of aromas such a cheeses, coffee, roasted nuts and fruit.  Walking past one of the fish mongers, they call out to customers to come in and buy their catch of the day.

After shopping we often used to visit near by China town for a delicious Asian meal but tonight we were shopping with friends and going back to their house to cook up the goodies.

I didn't have my camera on me, but took a couple of pics on my phone.  There are countless fruit and veg stores selling farm fresh produce,  I just love the colours.  Nectarines and mangoes are in season so in the shopping cart they went.  Along with tender young asparagus, baby spinach and lovely divine scented Thai basil.

This is one of my favourite stores and I cant help but buy a bag of lemon sherbets.  DH has a soft spot for chocolate coated aniseed rings.

And a visit to the markets would not be complete without one or two cheeses.  We decided on a soft blue from King Island near Tasmania as well as some imported Parmesan.  There were also a couple of tubs of olives, and some chili salami going into the cart.
We have some other friends coming over for drinks and nibbles tonight so I can share some of these lovely treats with them too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Owl quilt - part 5

I hope you are not getting sick of seeing this grow. 

On the weekend I added the borders and pinned the quilt together (my least favourite job), and last night I began the quilting process in the centre border and Uh OH.  I ran out of white quilting cotton.  I always have a spare reel on hand, but must have used it without realising I had.  Nevermind, a visit to the Bernina dealer today ( buy 5 and get one free) and three rolls of white, one of black, one of taupe and one in yellow and I can get on with the job later tonight. (I topped up my stash of quilting cottons)

So, last night, this was as far as I could go. Its hard to photograph with the quilting showing up, so I took a pic of the back of the quilt as the quilting shows up better..  I also forgot to take a photo of the front with the borders on, so you will have to wait till the quilting is completed to see that - it looks lovely, even if I do say so myself.

Here is block 5 on the Fat quarter shops mystery BOM.  Forgive the photo, it was pinned on my design board and a bit crooked.  I had to get cracking and get this block done as block 6 is due in the mail any day soon.

This was probably the most complicated block so far, but with careful cutting and piecing it all fits together nicely.  Trouble is, this one measures about 1/2 inch too big, so depending on how it looks when I stitch it in, I may have to remake this one again or try and trim it down some how.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

To market - To market

To buy a fat quilt.

One of my besties, Gill held a market style fundraiser for a friend that is raising money for Cancer research for the Flinders Medical centre in South Australia. 

The fundraiser was a market, and I was invited to be a stall holder and selling my quilts.  The market was held in Gills house, and 50 or so ladies were invited to shop.  I have never had a market stall before so this was a first for me, and this is how it looked.

I didnt sell any quilts BUT I did get two orders for custom made items,  One for a pair of slippers as the lady was a size larger than the biggest pair I had, and the other for  ...... drum roll..  
...  Yes, another Owl quilt. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Owl quilt - part 4 and Dutch treats

The owls are now all lined up around the centre panels and stitched in place, now its time to add on the borders and then the quilting begins.

I also had a lovely surprise in my letterbox today from the very geneours Ank who is a member of my quilting swap group.  She is visiting her son in Adelaide, and he lives a street away from me.  How very thoughtful of her to bring me some pretty Dutch fabric.

Here is a panel with the sweetest little dutch children on it.

And this lovely fabric with windmills, clogs and tulips,  How lucky am I.
The owls are now all lined up around the centre panels and stitched in place, now its time to add on the borders and then the quilting begins.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 cushion swap

All of the cushions have been made and sent to their recipients, with 16 ladies participating in the swap we saw some incredible work.

I have had a play around with Picasa tonight and created the collage of the gorgeous work that we all did.  However, apologies to Teresa, as for some reason Picasa would not pick up your picture, so I will pop it under the collage.

In a few weeks time I will be opening up registrations for the 2013 cushion swap, so if you are interested in participating watch this space.

Monday, November 5, 2012

I support Oscars Law

Oscars Law is an awareness campaign to get the Government to change the law and close down the cruelty of puppy farms.  Statistics show that 95% of all dogs sold in pet shops in Australia come from puppy farms.

To find out more go to this link OSCARS LAW  and show your support like Billy, Robbie and I have

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bobbies cushion

This is the last cushion to show in the cushion swap that I recently held.  My dear friend Bobbie was to make this cushion for Pat, but despite all efforts and good intentions was unable to fulfill the swap.  Bobbie asked me to step in for her and as she had purchased the fabric kindly posted that to me so I could put it all together.  As Pat is in the US, dear Bobbie also send me the postage.

Pats request was in dark blue and lime green, and out of the array of fabric that Bobbie sent me, this is what I made for her

I hope not just Pat likes what I came up with, but I also hope that Bobbie approves of it too.

Bobbie sent me sooo much fabric that I have actually made two versions of this, both have the same centre, just different borders and backings.  I will post the second cushion to Bobbie, so shh don't tell her.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making an owl quilt - part 3

The owls are finished.. here they are all piled up next to my sewing machine ( a bit of a mess, I know)

 The pupils for the owl eyes are just the eyelet stitch on my sewing machine, they all look a bit crossed eyed lol.

I also finished the centre panel today, unfortunately I did not purchase enough of the little floral fabric that I used on the owls for the centre, not sure how that happened, I must have read the instructions wrong. But the saving grace was I had a spot print with pink, Green, yellow and red spots which matched the colours on the flowers and DH agreed that it would be ok for the centre. 

This quilt is being made for one of the ladies that works with him, so I am involving him in the decision making.  The other decision he helped me on was the colour of the trees.  The original pattern (and the one like this I made last time) has four green trees, all in a different green print.  But I had this bird print in pink and green and as the quilt is for a little girl he agreed that it was ok to have pink and green trees, I think the bird print is cute.

 We are off to the movies tomorrow night with some friends to see Argo,it has received good reviews so I am looking forward to that.  I have to work on Saturday :(   BUT I do get to babysit Leo and Ziva overnight on Saturday night as my son and his wife are off to a wedding.

This means that there will be no stitching from me until Sunday.  And of course my plan then is to attach the owls to the inner border on this quilt.  I think, all going well I should get the outer border done too, so then its just the quilt pinning and quilting to go.

Footnote: After I loaded the pics, I noticed that the centre yellow and pink hourglass block is wonky, so I will unstich that one and replace it.