Thursday, October 18, 2012

The making of an Owl quilt - part 1

I am itching to get started on my first consignment, but I patiently have to await for mr Postman to deliver the fabric.

While I wait I decided there were a few parts of this quilt that I could start on,

Last night I traced out 16 owl bodies
16 sets of wings, 16 sets of feet, 16 pairs of eyes and 16 beaks.  Its a bit hard to see but it was a mammoth job.

Tonight I fused the shapes onto some bright fabric and whola, now we have 16 owl bodies.  I have also fused and cut out the wings, but did forget to photograph that - so you will have to wait to see when it all gets put together.  I am not sure about the blue one with the flower on it, may have to re do him. I am not using orange in the owls as I have orange for their feet, and a small red spot for their beaks.

I could not decide which fabric I wanted for the back ground fabric, so I chose these two and will play around with them when it arrives, this is one of them.
And this is the other one. 

 On my original owl quilt I had a white with confetti flakes in reds, blues, yellows and greens, so I think the one below with the little flowers may work best, and I can use the dots for the binding. What do you all think - now you have seen my owl bodies?


  1. Yes the tracing and cutting out can take ages..
    I agree. Not the blue with flowers. It needs another nice bright yellow..
    I love the second choice material for the background.
    Have fun Sue....

  2. It is a lot of work, tracing and cutting out...but you've achieved a lot in this session :-) I guess that's why I knit more than I sew these days...can't face the cutting out! lol

  3. What productive scratching of your 'itch'. Such a lot of work you have gotten done, yep you won't be seeing applique from me. I have to agree with all that both you and Maria said, blue flowers one looks a bit odd (maybe you can put it as a stray one on the back?), I like the second fabric, and the first will look great as binding

  4. I think the white fabric will show up the owls better... and the first one would be great for a border perhaps?? Enjoy and I think whatever YOU pick will be great! :)

  5. Oh so cute and lovely rainbow like colours!

  6. You're well under way with this one! I think you made the right choice to use the white fabric as background. Probably swap out the blue floral with a purple maybe? Or put it on the back with a label on it maybe?

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed quilt -should be fabulous.


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