Monday, October 22, 2012

Putting on my angel hat

In my quilting group I have Guardian angels, their role is to make a block for some one that has been let down in a swap, or to make a thinking of you block for some one that has fallen on hard times, or is ill for example.

In September I launched my inaugural cushion swap, a swap I plan to run quarterly.  16 ladies took up the challenge and we have seen some amazing cushions.  On the weekend I was chasing up the last few that are running late and unfortunately one of the ladies in this swap has fallen on hard times and is unable to complete this swap.  So I have put on my angel hat and made this cushion for her.

Her partner requested any cushion suitable for a rocking chair in light greens.  I decided on a traditional Ohio star pattern for the cushion in some pretty green fabrics.  It will be posted to Ruth in the USA in tomorrows mail.

I will be putting a post on in December for a roll call for the next cushion swap to be run in January next year so stay tuned for that one.


  1. You did a fabulous job as the Angel sue..
    Ruth's Ohio Star cushion in greens looks great..I am sure she will love it...

  2. That's a beautiful cushion Sue! Ruth will love it! I certainly love the one you made for me in the OASS!


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