Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keeping busy

What to do while I await the delivery of the fabric for the owl quilt - sew more strips of course, and boy did I sew a lot of strips.

Here is how many I have done now.....
Not to mention about 10 half blocks and 8 quarter blocks.  Each quarter block is 8 inches square, just to give you some perspective on how big this is.  I have actually made a real dent in my strip scraps and need to save some more before I can make any more blocks.  I have lots of short bits, but not enough of the longer pieces that make up the central diagonal piece as they are 12 inchs long.  If anyone has strips that they dont think they will use send them my way lol.

I have decided to position the blocks in a diagonal rainbow effect after being inspired by the quilt that Janet has made HERE  Check out the moose eating her petunias too.  I have never seen a moose, but Janet tells me that she has never met a kangaroo.

And yesterday it arrived YAY

So until late last night I was stitching on owls, owl wings and owl feet.  By the end of it I was too bug eyed to even think about the owl eyes and beaks, so that may happen tonight.

Well I better get a move on, I do have to go to work today after all.  Have a lovely week everyone


  1. Nice string blocks Sue, they are a great way to use up strips, and quite addictive to make as well.

  2. You have been busy! The owls are looking very cute! Nice mix of fabrics and colours I think.

  3. Wow, Sue, your owls are looking gorgeous. This will be finished in no time, the rate you are moving, lol :)


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