Sunday, October 21, 2012

Feeling snippy

Do you ever wake up and for no reason at all feel snippy?  That happened to me today, and I don't know why.  DH and I had a lovely dinner last night at a friends house, good company, good food and nice wine.  Then this morning we took a walk along the beach and had breakfast at a cafe - all lovely, and my son and his wife with grandchildren Leo and Ziva are coming over this afternoon for a BBQ tea. 

So why do I feel all wound up and snippy? Probably hormonal, even though I no longer have to endure the lady blues I guess we still feel like this now and then.

So for no reason, other than I have to keep busy I pulled the entire contents out of my linen closet and had a big sort out.

This is what it looked like before ..............

This is what it looks like now............
Much better.  I threw away old pillowcases that don't match sheet sets, I even still had single bed sheets from when my daughter was a little girl and we don't have a single bed in the house.

This is the cupboard next to my linen closet, it has all array of "stuff" in there.  Photo albums, platters, old computer bits and bobs, Christmas decorations and you cannot see the top shelf in this pic but it is stacked high with board games and jigsaw puzzles. 

Maybe I will tackle this cupboard next weekend.

Speaking of jigsaw puzzles, remember this one, I started it ages ago and it is proving to be a real challenge, but I am getting there.

Well, I better get in the kitchen and make a few salads for tea. 


  1. I blame it on the weather! When it gets hot and steamy, I seem to follow suit, getting very hot under the collar and ready to let off steam at any given moment. And oh yes, it is partly hormonal!

  2. Oh hun - I've been feeling a little like that myself of late ... and I definitely reckon it's due to the heat atm up here!!! It's getting rather humid again ... Well done on your re-organisation of the linen cupboard! I always feel better when I know things are all organised ... probably another reason why I'm out of sorts (it takes forever to get me to start ... but then, when I *do* get started, I can be going for hours!!!) ...

    The puzzle looks like a fantastic one!! My grandmother used to *L.O.V.E.* doing her puzzles! She was doing them right up to a only a few months before she passed away back in 2010, and I remember going down there (she & Grandpa lived in our granny flat from the time I was 8!!) and seeing it out on the kitchen table (put away for mealtimes, but other than that it was generally always out ready for a few pieces to be put into place) ready to be worked on. I loved helping her out every so often, and am SO glad my daughter is taking to puzzles like a duck to water!! She's 4 and already working on 32 & 48 piece puzzles all by herself ... Look out Christmas - I've got some 100 pieces puzzles for then!! I love that they share this love, even though they only spent a little time together!! And I look forward to the day when I can get out some of Grandma's old 1000+ piece puzzles to work on with my daughter in the future!!!

    Hoping & Praying you feel better soon hun!!! Have a wonderful week ahead! Hugs!

  3. Oh Yes sue I can relate to how you feel.. I think it is just because we are women and we just feel like it sometimes, even when everything is going great.
    Your linen cupboard looks great and you can fly over and do my if you like...LOL.
    Hope you are feeling better ..

  4. Sounds like you made the best of a bad day! Cleaning up cupboards is always rewarding! :)


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