Thursday, September 20, 2012

The never ending quilt...........

I have always saved my scraps, and my strip scraps in particular, you know left over bits from sashing and binding, or odd pieces not used in a jelly roll.  Its amazing how fast they accumulate.

Quite some time ago (about a year or so) I started sewing my strips together by colours, blues, reds, yellows and so on.  Some I sewed into simple squares all horizontal.  They I saw a quilt with them sewn on the diagonal and when stitched in fours made a lovely scrappy spider web effect.

After receiving Sue P's selvidge strips this week, I remembered this project tucked away somewhere in my sewing room and dug it out.

Over the last 2 days I have got busy sewing it again and have made a few more blocks and incorporated some selvidges into them.  I try to pick selvidges with something cute on them like Military dots, or Walk in the woods.

Here are all of the completed blocks late out - in no particular order.

I still have quite a few half finished squares or quarter finished squares to match up, as well as a bin still quite full of strips.  So this could be the never ending quilt.
I grouped a few of the blues together as I certainly seem to have more of that colour in my strip bin than anything else.
So the question I ask is ....that I value your opinion on is...
Do I make a scrappy multi coloured quilt or should I make one all in blues as well? 
Should I put sashing between them - I am thinking of a nice fresh white or
Do I join them all together in a kaleidoscope effect


  1. I kind of like all the different coloured ones together but having said that the blues do look lovely on their own. (I do love blue!) I guess it depends how many other colours (and strips) you have left. Would you have enough to make two quilts, one blue and one with mixed colours? I think I prefer the unsashed blocks but then if you trial it with sashing I might change my mind. I have a box of strips for the same sort of project waiting for me to start!

  2. Lovely blocks, so great they came out of scraps. I like the blues on their own, that leaves the others you have made so far as red, pink and green blocks, lovely together, though clearly you have so many more strips the colours will change. I'm not a big fan of sashing generally, and in this case sticking them into white cases will break up all that gorgeous pattern and movement but that is just my opinionated opinion! I bet I like whatever you end up doing :)

  3. love the blues ;-)
    I am thinking no sashing - will break up all the diagonals but I am sure if you look at it long enough and play around long enough, it will 'speak to you' and you will know exactly what to do ;-)

  4. Kaleidoscope on the blues... but white sashing with the multi would be my choice! Love the idea of it too! :)

  5. I like the effect without the sashing, but bias opinion as that is how I have planned my quilt! Just blues would look awesome, but it depends how keen you are to have the project finished? If you want it done now, mix them up, otherwise wait and stick with blue. An all red quilt would be great also. I have been waiting and waiting and in the end gave in and collected orange scraps from friends, so I can make my version of your pattern as a rainbow! You don't need blue in a rainbow version :)

  6. I love the squares without sashing. I think you should do a blue one and another one. As I well know, and you probably do too, those scraps tend to have babies overnight when you aren't watching, so you'll likely have plenty for two quilts :)


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