Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring on my table.

I joined up with the dynamic Cheryll in one of her many fabulous swaps.  This one was the OASS, or Once a season swap, and of course the season was Spring.

There was a lovely fat parcel waiting for me when I got home and look at the goodies it contained

Lovely fun table centre piece and four place mats - perfect to brighten up the table.  I flipped one over so you can see how pretty the fabric on the back is.  And yummy, fruity sweets, as you can see I have already eaten a few of these.  Thank you to Tracey for sending me this lovely gift.  I don't have your email to thank you personally.

 Here is our table set for tea tonight with the lovely new set, see my dogs keeping a close eye on the proceedings, naughty Robbie is perched on top of the back of the sofa.  And notice the lovely bright bunch of flowers on the dining table.  These were waiting for me when I arrived home today, why? because its mine and DH's 19th wedding anniversary today.  DD cooked us tea which was yummy.
Look at cheeky DH peeking over the bunch of flowers when I took this photo.


  1. WooHoo... congrats to the both of you!
    Love the table setting...looks like spring has sprung at your place!
    Cheers :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Sue & DH!! Congratulations on 19 years together!!

    Also, your table set is gorgeous! And looks lovely on your table with those gorgeous flowers!!

  3. Lovely flowers and lovely spring surprises! And just when the weather is actually 'springy'!

  4. LOL yes your DH does have a cheeky smile behind those beautiful flowers.
    congratulations to you both. How nice of your DD to cook you a special dinner..

    What a lovely OASS gifts you received.. Look great on the table..

  5. Congratulations to you and your husband for your 19th anniversary.
    Lovely table set, it really feels like Spring is coming.

  6. Lovely set from Tracey... I saw a sneaky peak and wondered what she had done.... so pretty...
    Congrats on 19 years and lovely flowers ....

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Glad you like the touch of spring on your table. I had fun working with those colours.

  8. Congrats to you and your DH on your anniversary!


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